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  1. Having not read the other 3 pages of answers due to time restraints, if you are hosting on your own and not through here, I had this same issue this week. Have your hosting check for a cURL update and make them do it. That's what fixed my issue immediately.
  2. hosting fixed it! cURL needed an update and server needed rebooting. I was able to make a sale to myself and issue myself a refund.
  3. What is the NSS Library? Is it something that hosting needs to address or Paypal?
  4. yeah, In my long post above I mentioned that and corrected it and tested it and I get an email of a sale. The money does not get taken out of PayPal though. What is this "nickname" thing the hosting tech mentions regarding the cert? I have no understanding of this.
  5. OK lol.... so it's a communication issue between PP and the system and that's why I'm not getting notices of monies being taken out. That's my "backup" since CC doesn't send me a notice that someone purchased an item. This means I have to go check daily / hourly to see if people buy things? <-- corrected So this is what happens as a customer: 1- make order and complete. 2- page comes up ad gives me order # and what I bought etc. 3- nothing gets taken from Paypal. This is what happens as a merchant. Nothing. No notifications of any sort. The only way I knew there was an iss
  6. I have a thread going in the forums related to this. I'm getting the same thing. Did you ever get this sorted out because i'm losing sales now.
  7. Doesn't seem to be working. She rebooted the server. I went and bought something but upon purchase, the system did not connect to Paypal nor did it email me until I went into the ACP and clicked "processing" on the order. I tried the reorder like you said and it does not work. Nothing sends me a notice via email from the shop itself when someone purchases something. it's definitely not connecting to PP either as that would be a backup notification of a sale. I also would very much like to get that cart to the top level instead of the splash page but I had a few questions that never go
  8. Apparently it was a server side issue, so now my question is how to I make the cart push the payment through now they fixed it and / or should I just have them send the money via invoice through paypal?
  9. OK well something is definitely wrong and I have no idea how to fix it. This is the error from my customer and then we tested the shop a couple times ourselves here and it has the same errors. I have no idea how to fix it. Is this something at the server level? It seems to be so what do I need them to fix? I have the server working on it too.
  10. FINALLY made a couple of sales through the shop instead of in person or custom sales and the sales are showing in the cart, but the system never emailed me upon a sale (which I thought it would do) and the payment never went over to paypal to take the money from the customer. I know PayPal will alert me on a payment received so I know that one way or the other I would be alerted of a sale. I know the payment gateway was set up properly - at least I thought it was. I have it set for paypal and to capture the payment immediately using / in the paypal extension. Any clues? I have a one da
  11. I know that. I want it changed anyway. What I would like is an answer to my questions in the OP so I can move forward with upgrading to the latest version, please.
  12. Havenswift - please have a look at the updated post. while you were answering I added some more. So - Yes, I have a splash page. I'm not sure if I want to do that right now. BUT if I change the directory name you're telling me CC will figure it out and all I have to do is check the .htaccess file to make sure it "matches"? Maybe terrified was too strong a word
  13. My cart needs updating. I am running CC 6.2.9 and the latest is 6.4.1. Being terrified to mess things up I want to ask before I dive. There is a link that says "Upgrade now" in that red warning bar telling me I'm in need of upgrading. I click it and it has the obvious directions to back up all files and databases. Then there is a button that I click to upgrade. Has the software improved to the point where it will do "all the work for me"? Kind of like when plugins are updated with one click? 2nd. I NEED to change the directory name of my shop. right now it's mysite/cubecart/ and
  14. You are awesome! It was the wrong password! for some reason I gave it the wrong one but good thing I took a screenshot of the completion announcement. And it now works. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  15. Interesting. Thank you. I know I have the correct info in there. I don't know why it wont' work. The forums that are unrelated to this site are fine and working. it should be a simple matter of that config file update. My gremlins have been hard at work this week making things I CAN do most difficult.
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