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  1. You are awesome! It was the wrong password! for some reason I gave it the wrong one but good thing I took a screenshot of the completion announcement. And it now works. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  2. Interesting. Thank you. I know I have the correct info in there. I don't know why it wont' work. The forums that are unrelated to this site are fine and working. it should be a simple matter of that config file update. My gremlins have been hard at work this week making things I CAN do most difficult.
  3. The same error is happening that I show in the URL in the original post. Line 42 of that file says: trigger_error($this->_db_connect_id->connect_error, E_USER_ERROR); I have cleared cache and everything. I get this if I try to go directly to the admin control panel too.
  4. OMG thank you! now to go feed the gremlins because they're on high alert throughout this whole week making this migration a living hell. The simple tasks are even taking hours. Ugh.
  5. I had to move servers this week. Got all site files in and I got the database in without issue. I need to update the configuration for the database to match what the server had me do. Database name change, database user name change and password Here is a copy of the link to the issue. I'm sure when I resolve this another error will pop up so I'll come back one step at a time. Obviously I have removed sensitive info with the words [mysite] or [myself] Fatal error: Access denied for user 'MYSELF'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in /home/MYDIRECTORY/domains/MYSITE.net/public_html
  6. I thought it was settled that it's best to do a half off sale? I like the idea of what you just suggested. Can you expound? I already set up the entire store for a sale and manually omitted certain items. Unfortunately right now I got hacked at the server and my tech is working through that. I'm most likely going to have to find a new server. I'm livid as I spent a lot of time promoting my sale.
  7. They are considered one item. It's a higher price though. I'm not worrying what the price at the cart is in the example, I just don't want someone seeing a sale of 50% off and only buying one item. obviously the cart isn't going to figure which one is lower in price to discount off the total and I cannot use the wording "buy one get one free".
  8. OK so say the order has 4 bracelets and 3 of them are worth $25 but there is one that is sold in pairs only for a price of $35. That's what is in the basket. if I do 50% off sale, then the price at the cart is $55. I guess that could work to my benefit. All the necklaces and bracelets are $25 except for a few that have a rare key or are already sold in pairs. I just like the wording of buy one get one and they have to get two of them. If I do that, I don't see how to ensure they don't scootch in and only order one item and get that for half off. I might as well do a full on half off sa
  9. Yes, but I can forego the bit about the software figuring out which item is the least expensive. So if someone wants 2 bracelets and 2 necklaces, the discount would be half off. I can eliminate the items that are more expensive from the sale I guess? I don't want someone picking one $25 item and one $50 item and getting discounted only $25. UNLESS a straight percentage works but then I can't use that tantalizing wording to push the sale. thoughts? another idea is I can make it a "crap-shoot" sale and say buy one and get a second item free but it's my choice of item? not sure how that
  10. but wouldn't I have to then change the price for ALL the items first? Am I just being thick here?
  11. Can you elaborate a little more? Are you meaning to say “buy two get half off”? Or something like that? I don’t see how that’s any different than the examples I put in the OP
  12. Is it possible to set up a promotional code with a "buy one get one free" offer? I would like to make it so customers can buy as many as they want and apply the code at checkout, but I want the lower price to be discounted for each item and I don't want the thing abused. I can do a half off, but that will only be possible to do that for the entire price at the cart, and then I lose out if they pick only an odd number of items. I can make the code be used multiple times, but I see abuse there too. Thoughts?
  13. interesting. That was not in there when I looked. In fact, a lot of the Semper Fi modules were not on the list two days ago when i last look. I'll check this out. I am not sure as he has some weird conditions on what themes this will work on. I'll back up and give it a try later. Thanks!
  14. I cannot find one in there. Might be the same developer of the Floating boxes thing and they and that too are gone.
  15. Is there a module where I can make certain boxes remain static like if I want to put an advert or supporter or image in there? Right now I have a cheap hack in the template but I'd rather have something nice where I can control it through the ACP instead of fiddling with files.
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