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  1. Oh don’t worry then, it sounds like the problem is solved, before it wasn’t showing out of stock, but now it is. Thanks for your help.
  2. Sorry for the late response but here you go http://www.swagmanleather.com.au It’s this page in particular that I have a couple of options and have been having those problems as I mentioned before. https://swagmanleather.com.au/cube/handmade-leather-braided-bracelet-wristband-unisex.html
  3. No, not having made a purchase. I was testing it out in cart and for the options that were not in stock, I was still able to add to cart. and I do not have “Allow out-of-stock purchases” enabled. I guess I will just have to modify my options to 1 set of options and delete those that aren’t in stock, I currently have 2 sets of options colour and size for this particular product, so perhaps I should just combine the 2 option sets together and just have one option set. And thanks havenswift, but maybe I will take a look at it another time when I get a bit more cashflow.
  4. So I was able to set my stock levels, the problem now is, it still allows people to buy even if a certain stock variation of the product is 0.
  5. Hello, I cannot find a way to set number of stock on different product options, is there a way to do this? Or can you only set number of total stock?
  6. Hello I bought the plugin on the cubecart website, I pressed the thunderbolt icon copied and pasted the code and it says invalid license?
  7. Hello, I am still very new to cubecart, so my website is still very new. I am just wondering, from your experience, what are some of the best ways you have found to get traffic onto your cubecart made website? Looking forward to hearing from you all. I recently just found that twitter can be used to drive a instant spike in website visitors, even though it’s for a pretty short duration and they disappear again, but it’s a start.
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