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  1. I am currently using v 6.4.2. I would like to add a couple of menu selections to the top of my homepage next to the Login/Register menu item but can't find the file to edit. Is it possible to do this. I need to offer my customers access to different pages from the homepage.
  2. Thanks again. I resized my images and now the height looks good. Once again, thanks Harleyridin67
  3. Thanks for the help. I now have 5 in each row but they are tall and skinny. How to I reduce the height of each box containing the product? Harlryrinid67
  4. I am using v 6.2.9. On my Home screen there is the Latest Products shown at the bottom. Right now it is only showing 3 products per line. How do I make it show more than that.
  5. Thanks for the help. This makes it so much easier.
  6. I am using v. 6.4.2. I need to insert the meta data with my key words and can't find the file to put it in. Could it be the index.php?
  7. Thanks so much. I overlooked such a simple thing. Got it working,
  8. When I installed v 6.4.2 it had a slider on the home page. When I tried to amend it with my products, it doesn't move from one to the other, instead it shows all of them in a static column. I am accessing it by selecting Documents then the Welcome Screen and then Content. How do I edit it so the images will move from side to side showing only one at a time?
  9. I am using v6.2.9. I need to let my customers know that a gift certificate amount has to be in $25 increments. Where do I go to modify the automatic information. When a customer selects Gift Certificate the is what they see: Gift card must have a minimum value of $25.00, and a maximum of $1,000.00. Please note that it is only possible to purchase a gift card in the store's main currency. I need to include other information.
  10. I'm using 6.2.9. How do I use the Gift Card option?
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