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  1. V6.2.9 Foundation Skin
  2. Hi How can the required customer field phone be set to the text 'Disabled' in the database? This occurs only for some Guest checkout or Registered customers - can't see any pattern for this though as most seem to be set up OK. Attached is an annotated pic showing the contents of some entries in the customer table highlighting the issue.
  3. In the last couple of days we have customers that are informing us that they are 'not able to pay'. When the Paypal button is clicked there is a brief flash on the screen of what may be a paypal screen - this quickly disappears and further attempts to pay do not work. We have updated the PayPal extension, but the issue still persists. As it previously was working is there a known issue here? Any thoughts would be appreciated
  4. I am using: CubeCart Version 6.2.9 PHP Version (7.3 Recommended) 7.2.11 MySQL Version 5.5.5-10.2.22-MariaDB-log
  5. Hi I have set the stock to reduce when an order is placed - Order goes to Pending. If I only had one item at the time of order, the stock is now 0 When the customer logs back into that order and selects Make Payment The result is the Out of stock message, so cant complete the order. No other customer can order the same item, as the shop shows it as 'out of stock' Is there a mod to resolve this, or is it done in settings somewhere - any thoughts out there...
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