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  1. Hi, Is it just the caching that is part of the upgrade? If so, can I just upload a specific file or files rather than upgrade the whole site? This would be helpful.
  2. Does anyone know how to change the pricing to 'Free' instead of '£0.00' either in sale price or regular price?
  3. It does say in the description of 6.4.1 about support for meta description and content for gift cards.
  4. Hi, Is it possible to add a description tab to use a richtext editor in the gift card section? I would rather use the editor, than write into the 'definitions.xml' every time I need to change the description. I thought it would've been part of the update (6.4.1) Also, the image doesn't show under the title, so had to hard code one in.
  5. Thanks Brian, I'll check it out tomorrow.
  6. Nice one, thanks! I shall have a look at that. Nice work Can you add both databases into /includes/global.inc.php?
  7. I like the sound of where this is going Can a DB be called up between different tables of different stores from checkout?
  8. One database is tech_CubeCart and the other is pets_CubeCart. I was hoping to be able to use different sites for different products, but at least be able to use gift cards between both.
  9. Hi, I have two cubecart sites, but want to be able to control both from one admin control panel. Would this be possible? The reason being is, I want to sell gift cards, but allow the customer to be able to spend them in either shop. If can only have one admin per site, is there a way to use multi-site gift cards? Thanks
  10. Nice one, thanks @Al Brookbanks
  11. Hi, Is there a way of just uploading the files that are missing from 6.4.0 rather than another upgrade within a few hours? I spent a bit of time last night tweaking some of the site, including some css where buttons and stuff appear to have had class changes. Thanks
  12. I had the same problem. The plugin stores in the 'social' folder. Enter your file manager and move out of there and into the 'plugins' folder and then it works. From: modules/plugins/social To: modules/plugins
  13. Hi @Al Brookbanks I had to add zip directly on the server, so all sorted, it's showing now. Thanks for your help
  14. Hi @Al BrookbanksThe only php in the info for archive is in the picture attached. Thanks
  15. Hi, I'm having trouble updating the plugins in 'Manage Extensions'. I copy and paste the key, but as soon as I press 'Go' I get a blank screen? I've migrated to a new server recently, so that might be the issue? Are there any changes I need to do to the db in regards to the plugins? Thanks
  16. I've been testing it on a subdomain. I can't see much difference apart from the image gallery, the redirect and what 3 words. I can't find how to add audio streaming? I've made loads of changes to my site, so a bit nervous about updating fully, just wanted to know how to place the parts of 6.4.0 into my existing site. In your control panel, scroll down to domains, and select 'Add Subdomain' and call it something like 'test.yourdomain.com' and it will create a new folder in your root folder. Then, with an FTP agent (FileZilla) upload to that folder. IMPORTANT: Check that the FTP is directed to the new subdomain folder when uploading.
  17. Hi, Can anyone suggest how to get the images gallery from 6.4.0 and copy into 6.2.9? I like what it does, but don't want to upgrade fully until official release.
  18. Hi, Me again. Is there a way that the customer just needs to register with an email address only when purchasing? I sell digital music files and they don't required shipping, just downloading. This would save time and would be less of a chore for the customer. I would also like to add the option of a profile pic that they can upload and show with their name. I've tried the gravatar thing, but it doesn't seem to work in 'box.sessions.php' Thanks
  19. I must admit, I haven't noticed much difference? I can't see the digital download streaming part. I thought that would be in the 'add new product' under a tab to select a file? I thought I could take parts of that for what I need for my site.
  20. Hi, Is there a way to animate the top-bar dropdown menu and f-dropdown menus to match the speed in the 'write review' form element, both in desktop and mobile? I've tried to find the right part in the 'top-bar' section of foundation.css to do this, but can't. Is this a js query function?
  21. Cpup

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    @havenswift-hosting They got back to me in the end. They rolled back the database and it solved the problem. I'm not sure what triggered it or where the problem was, but glad it's sorted. What do you offer? I was looking to upgrade to VPS so I can install ffmpeg and RTMP for live streaming and be able to use a waveplayer.
  22. Cpup

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    This was quite a large one. All shared hosting systems were down for hours. They're changing the dns servers over in stages, apparently?
  23. Cpup

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    Hi @havenswift-hostingI've asked them to look into it. I'm waiting for them to get back to me. They had a serious ddos attack a couple of weeks ago, so they're upscaling their security. So that's probably the reason?
  24. Cpup

    403 forbidden

    Hi Brian, I've checked the server error log, but no errors regarding the site I'm trying to access?
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