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  1. Hi I am trying to create a newe-shop via the ionos app center however, when I reach the GENERAL configuration page (name, email, password etc) it keeps reporting "Some invalid entries have been detected." but without highligjhting what is the error. It then clears all the data i've inputted and puts me back to the start (see png attached). My passwords match and fit the configuration required, the email is valid etc etc. Ayone any ideas please? Thanks
  2. Excellent, thank you. That was, probably, the most important bit of information that IONOS failed to supply.Now in and working, thanks again.
  3. Hi I installed this as an app add-on to my ionos account. It installed the mysql database ok which I can access via phpmyadmin on my ionos control panel. However, I cannot get to the admin login page for cubecart. If I go to the web-address - link to the shop site I only get the empty shop frontend. I've looked for some guide to say where I can access the admin page, in order to build the shop data, but cannot find anything. I'm probably missing something very simple, and in plain view, but would appreciate being pointed in the right direction please. Thanks
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