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  1. Hi Many thanks. I was on version 6.4.4. I've now gone back to PHP v7.4 and am back into the admin pages and upgrading to v6.4.5 Thanks again Bob
  2. Hi I'll try and 'downgrade' the php version used. I cannot tell you what version of cubecart it is as I can get into the db via phpmyadmin only and cannot find a reference to version number within any of the tables. Bob
  3. Hi I've created and uploaded the ini-custom.inc.php file but I still get just a blank white browser window. I've also checked the root directory for the files and no error log has been created, so nothing to see there. I've tried with both Firefox and Chrome and it's the same result for both. Having said that no error log had been generated, one has now appeared - attached error_log I've checked the php version being used and it is version 8.0
  4. Hi I have a problem with both opening my store pages and oprening the admin login page - both are resulting in blank white screens. I've tried option 2 of the FAQs answer to this problem (as I can't load the actual page or store DB) with no change - neither page loads. The DB is ok and I can open it in MyPHPadmin. I can also open and edit any of the files in the webspace - I just can't display any of them in the browser. If anyone has any ideas they would be appreciated pse. Thanks Bob
  5. Hi Thank you so much again. I will lokk at that and rectify. Bob Source code edited and it's working fine, thanks again.
  6. Many thanks, I must need spec's - I never even saw the small + at the bottom of the images. v>On other sites I have used a slider.js script that I produced, with the images in a <div> with an id that is called by the script, to have a scrollable image display but don't see an option to add a script to make this work. Any ideas if this is even possible please?
  7. You are truly a star. Having edited the Search Engine data I now have the browser displaying the store name correctly. Many thanks again.
  8. Hi Apart from hourly messages, from Cubecart, telling me that I don't have enough memory to store thumnails, I have a problem trying to add some images to the welcome page as a scrollable list. When, in the contents editor, I click on add image a browser insert opens with all my images displayed but their is no way to selct them to add to the document. I'm using Cubecart v6 (installed 28/10/21 so should be the latest) and followed the video about editing this page - which shows a scrolling image list - but the document editor, in the video, bears no resemblence to the one in my version of Cubecart Any ideas pse?
  9. My new store for Xmas 2021 Xmas Crafts 86
  10. I had the same problem with the Print Order Form. It was not picking up the Storename but was printing - "Company Name Limited" I found the POF extension and worked out that I had to edit that to get what I wanted. However, no matter what I do I cannot get the browser tab to display the Store Name. If someone knows whereabout, in the DB or Cubecart (not Store Setting 'cause that doesn't change it), this data is located then I'll go via mysql and update it manually. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks, I'll check and get back. You are a star !. The problem lay in the google site keys. I re-done the keys and the POF is now working. Many, many thanks Could you possibly look at this problem I also have but cannot resolve please Thanks so much again and Happy Halloween (or Toutesaints as it's known here)
  12. Still got the same problem - the browser is displaying Primatech Paper Company on the shop tab
  13. I am having a similar problem with this extension The POF option is available and takes the customer to the page to add customer info and to confirm the contents of the shopping basket. However, as soon as the Checkout button is hit The first screen shot (below) is produced. There is nothing in the transaction logs. Any ideas please?
  14. Hi both Yes, I cleared the cache to save the info and refresh the DB. This is a fresh install with no added skin and I haven't even added 1 product yet. I'm also having problems with Cubecart not recognising my admin login but is recording each attempt as a login within the DB - bizaar but that's for a different question to sort out.
  15. Hi I'm hoping that someone has the answer, which I've probably missed somewhere. My storename is XmasCrafts. In the admin settings that is what is saved. However, whenever I go to the live store web-pages the tab shows Primatech Paper Company. I've looked everywhere to try and change this setting but cannot find where it is stored. Any help please. Thanks
  16. Hi I am trying to create a newe-shop via the ionos app center however, when I reach the GENERAL configuration page (name, email, password etc) it keeps reporting "Some invalid entries have been detected." but without highligjhting what is the error. It then clears all the data i've inputted and puts me back to the start (see png attached). My passwords match and fit the configuration required, the email is valid etc etc. Ayone any ideas please? Thanks
  17. Excellent, thank you. That was, probably, the most important bit of information that IONOS failed to supply.Now in and working, thanks again.
  18. Hi I installed this as an app add-on to my ionos account. It installed the mysql database ok which I can access via phpmyadmin on my ionos control panel. However, I cannot get to the admin login page for cubecart. If I go to the web-address - link to the shop site I only get the empty shop frontend. I've looked for some guide to say where I can access the admin page, in order to build the shop data, but cannot find anything. I'm probably missing something very simple, and in plain view, but would appreciate being pointed in the right direction please. Thanks
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