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  1. Hi yes File upload plugin by Noodleman he suggested this as solution. Yes, it should be possible to use the upload along side all of the other option types, they need to be created in the Options lists, then assigned to the products. I would not recommend using Product Groups. Sincerely, Emma & Alec, The Noodleman Team https://www.noodleman.co.uk I'm lost on the steps to do that, and if that won't work with this foundation skin any suggestions Thank you!
  2. Hi bsmither No I haven't upgraded first time Cubecart user downloaded the cart from the cubecart website newest version so the skin that comes with it is what I got. Hope this is what you need I also unselected absolute price and options tab status box is selected. Thanks Again <!-- End File Upload Options --> <div class="row"> <div class="small-12 columns"> <label for="option_{$option.option_id}" class="return">{if empty($option.option_description)}{$option.option_name}{else}{$option.option_description}{/if}{if $option.price} {$option.symbol}{$option.price}{/if}{if $option.required} ({$LANG.common.required}){/if}</label> {if $option.type == Catalogue::OPTION_TEXTBOX} <input type="text" name="productOptions[{$option.option_id}][{$option.assign_id}]" id="option_{$option.option_id}"{if $option.absolute_price == '1'} class="absolute"{/if}{if !$CTRL_HIDE_PRICES} data-price="{$option.decimal_price}"{/if} {if $option.required}required{/if}> {elseif $option.type == Catalogue::OPTION_TEXTAREA} <textarea name="productOptions[{$option.option_id}][{$option.assign_id}]" id="option_{$option.option_id}"{if $option.absolute_price == '1'} class="absolute"{/if}{if !$CTRL_HIDE_PRICES} data-price="{$option.decimal_price}"{/if} {if $option.required}required{/if}></textarea> {/if} </div> </div> {/if} {/foreach} {/if}
  3. bsmither Here are the columns for you to view. Thanks Once again!
  4. No I did not only have a drop down on option sets entitled your custom text
  5. Yes there is corresponding values it is there I don't see anything about text input.
  6. Yes Here is the web address Thanks for any help you can do! yourmemories2keep.com try the the Santa mug with personalized name as this is my test product
  7. Hi bsmither I did all the above steps they all worked except when I went to check the product page and the textbox is nowhere to be found on the page. Thanks
  8. Hi bsmither Hi bsmither I tried your method step by step to no avail. Do you have any more suggestions? Thank You
  9. Hello I want to sell mugs with a personalized name on it. I have the product page set up including description, image on cubecart and would need the customer to just type the name going under the product options single line text box feature I assume? Could someone step by step show me how I could achieve this. I'm using Cubecart V6 6.2.9 and standard Foundation skin. Thank you so much!
  10. Hello can someone tell me why i get a sitemap error I tried going to mysite/public_html/sitemap.xml.gz to see if the page shows up I do see the style of the page with my logo etc but on top it says the following 404 - Page Not Found Sorry but the page you are looking for could not be found. I'm using Cubecart V6 6.2.9 foundation skin Please advise Thank You!
  11. Hello my website ends with the .com/ index.php This is the main home page of the site all the other pages end in html extension is the normal? or what changes do I need to make the page end in html. Thank you
  12. Hello is it possible to change the default weight on Cubecart product description tab from English/UK to English/U.S. ? I would like to change from kg to ounces and pounds for U.S. measurements. Currently using version 6.2.9 of Cubecart. Thank You
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