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  1. The website is www.MisterPEZ.com I created an item called Test Product with using the default zero setting.
  2. I appreciate your response, but if I leave the number at zero, my customers cannot place the item in their cart.
  3. I realized that all my products now have a maximum purchase amount set to zero. I'm discovering that ALL my products have a zero in that particular box in admin. It says (Leave blank to disable). When I remove the zero and leave it blank, the zero comes back when I hit save and it says no changes were made. In the past, people have been able to order successfully. What happened? Did I accidentally change a default? Any help please??? Thanks. Bob
  4. It looks like it worked! THANK YOU so much for your help! MUCH APPRECIATED! -Bob
  5. I have a second cubecart website using the Square app. I just took a closer look at that site and realized I am have the same problem. The customer e-mails and the sale on the website show the total sale amount, but the customer credit card is only being charged an even dollar amount. Good grief... this is frustrating! I prefer Square over Paypal, but I may need to switch back if a solution does not present itself.
  6. I am sorry.... I cannot find a debug mode in Square. Can you narrow it down for me, please? Also, I ran a test, as you recommended, and it came back as $2 rather than the $2.49 total sale. I SINCERELY appreciate your help! -Bob
  7. I am using Square version 1.1.5. I do have the default currency as USD, which is correct. What do you suggest?
  8. I am using Square version 1.1.5. I do have the default currency as USD, which is correct.
  9. I recently switched my website to cubecart from another software. I finished the design and set-up my new Square app. (I used Square on the old website too.) Everything worked in sandbox mode, but I decided to try an actual transaction. I completed a sale using a credit card for $1.49 total sale. Everything worked fine but the total amount of sale that showed up at Square was $1.00... NOT $1.49. EVERYTHING on the website end (including "customer e-mails" shows $1.49 total. EVERYTHING on the Square end shows $1.00 total sale. I did check with Square and they said the total sale WAS only $1.00. I am BAFFLED!!! Any ideas? thoughts? suggestions? Thanks in advance. -Bob
  10. I do not want the sale price to show. Is there a simple way to disable it or remove it? Thanks. Bob www.misterpez.com
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