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  1. Well, I do appreciate all your help. I can not thank you enough for trying to help me. I will contact my hosting company and I hope they can figure it out.
  2. Yes, I did delete it from my directory. I had WP in my main directory...not in a new folder but rather directly under public_html. If I delete the .htaccess file from the main public_html directory I then get left with a 404 without any cubecart showing as in the screenshot above. Even if I go into my directory where CubeCart is (/store) and delete that same file I still get the same error.
  3. I have deleted the file .htaccess from the directory and that will actually come back page not found but without any cart. screenshot 2 is with the .htaccess file and screenshot 1 is without. This is really crazy.. I can not figure this out.
  4. ok here is the information that it had returned. I am sorry... I am not a professional developer and I wish I could assist you more. I can not thank you enough for your help. I deleted everything only to end up with the same issue.. http://cherrycreeksoaps.com/store/admin_nvniHf.php?_g=settings Cookie “CC_2E937DAB28” does not have a proper “SameSite” attribute value. Soon, cookies without the “SameSite” attribute or with an invalid value admin_%^%will be treated as “Lax”. This means that the cookie will no longer be sent in third-party contexts. If your application depends on this cookie being available in such contexts, please add the “SameSite=None“ attribute to it. To know more about the “SameSite“ attribute, read https://developer.mozilla.org/docs/Web/HTTP/Headers/Set-Cookie/SameSite The other one was... Layout was forced before the page was fully loaded. If stylesheets are not yet loaded this may cause a flash of (( unstyled content.
  5. none of this makes sense. When we are in the CubeCart admin area and I am trying to click the save settings button because I had changed items in the store settings it returns me to the front page of the cart but shows 404 - Page Not Found Sorry but the page you are looking for could not be found. Where would pushing the save button take us once the page is saved? it does not seem to be pointing to the correct page. I have deleted my entire site, I have uninstalled WordPress several times and then I had even done a Dreamweaver template to see if it could actually be something I would find. NO I still get the same error. I know you all are busy and I am truly sorry to bother you but I am at a complete loss. I do not know what could have happened when I tried to turn back on my store. The only thing I did was shut the store down because I was away for a year, I come back and of course, there was an update to CubeCart and WP did those updates, and now this issue.. I am unable to figure anything out. I have seen instances in prior forum postings about similar issues.. but I can not find the answer
  6. I have no way in knowing is the .htaccess is correct. I did end up with a 403 error earlier but now I am back to the 404. If I am trying to save any changes made in CubeCart (for example- store settings) and I click the save button it returns to a page not found. I have been dealing with this for a few weeks and I am really ready to scream. Any help is greatly appreciated. .htaccess
  7. My original issues was that I was getting a 404 page not found error when I went to save anything in my Cubecart. After a week of not being able to fix the issues I called my hosting company and told them to completely wipe out my site. I was away for over a year and there were many updates, etc. I thought that once I went back in and installed CubeCart the errors would go away. NOW I am getting this error. You don't have permission to access this resource. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. All I am trying to do is save store setting. I have not even been able to start building my cart over. I am just about ready to give up any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I really want to keep CubeCart because I have been using it for several years without any issues. Once I opened my store back up I am having nothing but trouble.
  8. I have been using CubeCart for several years and I have never had any trouble. I love the way CubeCart works and the design. I shut my store off almost a year ago due to a move. I went into the store last week because I am finally ready to put my store back online. Being away for so long there were several updates. I didn’t even think about turning the store back on before doing any updates. After the updates, I am no longer able to save sections of the cart. For instance, the store settings. When I go to the store setting and try to change the address and click save it returns a 404 - page can not be found. I have been beating my head against the wall since last week and I am unable to figure out what in the world went wrong. I did try to install CubeCart into another directory but that too is having the same issue. I do not know what would be causing this or who I would ask. I am using WordPress for the main site and CubeCart for my eCommerce. When looking at the cart it does show the red banner WARNING: This store is closed. Only staff members logged in can view the store whilst it is offline. To view the offline message please log out of the admin control panel. Also, I do have a system error that reads: File: [maintenance.sql.inc.php] Line: [25] "### Rewrite rules for SEO functionality ### RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /cubecart/ " - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /cubecart/' at line 3 I have tried to delete the .htaccess file and reinstall without success. Please, if anyone could help, I would really appreciate it. I really do not want to go with another cart. For as long as it has taken me to try and figure out the issues, I could have had another cart done, but that is not the point. I want to keep my CubeCart.
  9. I am using version 6.2.9. This morning I noticed that my domain was not working www.cherrycreeksoaps.com so I thought I would just redirect the site to the cart. When doing so I decided to turn on the SSL. From there it was one thing after another going wrong. As of this moment, I do have the SSL turned on. I am also able to add to the basket. But when you were talking about the 302 bounce I must have had the redirect set wrong. I did not have the “only redirect with www.” Check but the “with or without”. I am sorry for the trouble and I really do appreciate your help. The only thing I can think of other than having the redirect set wrong was because the domain was down it just caused issues.
  10. I did turn off the SSL. So now my stuff adds to the cart. Just odd that when you turn it off one can not add to the basket. While messing around with it I noticed if you go to a specific item then add that way it works. I will turn the SSL back on so you can check it out. It seems to work correctly one moment but not the next. Thank you for your assistance! Www.cherrycreeksoaps.com/store/index.php Ok, I have been experimenting with the site. Now, I noticed that my homepage (domain) was not working but the store is. I set a redirect to my store to bypass the front page until I can figure out why it was not working. This issues seems to be with my domain host and not with CubeCart. Everything seems to be working with CubeCart until I turned on my SSL and then redirected the page. This is probably why this issue has not been completely fixed because I do not think it is CubeCart but the host issue.
  11. I know this is an old thread but I am having this issue now. As soon as I turned on my secure server on my domain my basket no longer adds. Everything was working fine for months until I turned SSL on.
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