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  1. I understand that Cubecart 6.2.9 should run on PHP 5.6>, but I can only get it to run on 5.6 and nothing above. I have my hosting control panel open. When I change the PHP version from 5.6 to anything else, it breaks the Cubecart site. When I change it back to 5.6 again, the website starts working. Whatever the problem is, it is linked to the PHP version somehow. The process I followed was: download Cubecart 6.2.9 > rename Admin file/folder to match mine > Upload to public_HTML using FTP > Go to /setup > Run updater Any suggestions as to why this might be happening? Maybe I missed something from the process?
  2. Would there be any reason for I can only run my store on PHP 5.6 with Cubecart 6.2.9? I have a Wordpress site on the same domain and I need both sites to run on the latest version of PHP if possible. Currently the Wordpress site won't work at all on 5.6, so this is a problem. Thanks for any help.
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