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  1. Sending a text to a phone is probably hard to implement because it will require a third party text messaging provider. As an aside, it needs to be absolutely rock solid. I once worked for a company that had need to use cellphone texting to issue control commands. It should have only been one or two messages a day, but a bug crept in, and it starting texting every couple of seconds. Worse, iy started on a weekend, and no-one noticed it until the next week, and there was a $20K bill to pay. Email is a workable option, although sometimes emails can be delayed, and make it hard to log in. I think the best option, although I have no idea how to implement it, or it's cost, would be to use an authenticator app. I have steadily added authenticators to all web services that include offer it, with the biggest omission for me, being CubeCart. There is both Google and Microsoft Authenticators, along with some third party authenticators, which have minimal log-in impact, but provides a extra layer of security, especially for applications that include financial information such as CubeCart.
  2. My apologies if I am resurrecting a dead thread, but a search for 2 factor authentication made this the most likely candidate. While still a tiny site, I am still a little concerned about the login to the Admin Control Panel. Even using LastPass if the password is guessed, or found through a Man in the Middle attack, there is no further protection to prevent unwanted access. Is there any plans to incorporate 2FA in a future release, or is it there and I am missing it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your help. I will try to make the changes
  4. I want to make changes to the generated invoice, to make it localised for Australian GST Is there a list of Smarty Tags that are used by CubeCart? The main changes that needs to be done is the words "Tax Invoice" needs to be in the header, and VAT registration number should be ABN number. Thanks in advance.
  5. In my case, I have no idea. The CubeCart installation was done by the Softaculous installer as part of my hosting package. Where can this be checked?
  6. I can't see to get this to work on V6.4.2 I made a csv file ccbup.csv I upload using File Manager / Downloads (not Documents as there doesn't seem to be any way of doing it from there. I get the message to say that all lines succeeded, and no lines failed, but no prices are updated. I try Clear Cache I have tried both product_code & product_id as the first header I have tried both the Product Code and Product Name as the line identifiers. As best I can tell, I have done everything that I can think of. It says compatible with V6, but is it compatible with V6.4.2 Thanks
  7. That creates a problem for my customers. I don't see the problem with Cubecart internally keeping everything in the base currency (in fact, this would probably be preferred), but using Stripes multi-currency function to charge in the customers selected currency. If I make the store base currency US$, everything looks fine. If the customer changes to Australian Dollars, everything is displayed as A$. So far, so good. Then, they come to checkout, and the charging silently reverts to US$, but Stripe only shows as $. This is not unexpected for a US company, but, terrible for the customer. Unless the customer is fully aware, they might think that they are still getting charged in A$, until they get their statement from the credit card provider and get hit with the currency exchange charges. It seems to me be a huge deficiency in the payment system that vastly reduces the suitability of Cubecart for multi-currency use. :end of rant.
  8. I am still in test mode for stripe payments, in case this has any bearing. Stripe warns that if the payment is made in a currency different to the cardholders card, they will be subject to additional charges. I set up multi currencies in Cubecart, but when it comes to making the payment through Stripe, it reverts to the base currency instead of the currency the purchaser has selected. How can I make Stripe payment in the same currency as the cart currency? Thanks
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