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  1. 3 hours ago, RBosma said:

    We had the same prob since 6.29, clicking the "start over" button (sometimes a few times) worked for me... 

    Ooops!  I failed to mention that part.  We've tried that also several times.  It goes back to the main screen, everything has green checkmarks, and we can go up to the 20% screen but can not go further than that. 

    We figured out that cubecart was installed and updated previously from a software installer called Softaculous through CPanel.  Since we do not use neither of those, maybe there's additional files or a customized setting that is not allowing the update process to happen.  We're going to try a fresh 6.4.1 install this evening, restore everything through  CC's admin panel, and then try the upgrade to 6.4.2 again.  

    Thank you for your help.  

  2. Good evening all.

    I have a client that used CubeCart on a hosting provider that seems to has suddenly shut down.  Luckily he has backups of his 6.4.1 installation.  We restored his backup and the site has been working fine.  This evening, we signed into CubeCart's admin panel and noticed the message about the 6.4.2 update.  The update screen from the /setup folder goes up to 20% to the screen asking if we want to Upgrade to CubeCart 6.4.2 (Recommended) or Install CubeCart 6.4.2.  When we choose the Upgrade option, it highlights in green and we click on Continue, but the screen seems to go back to the same point and will not continue.  The site still continues to work as a couple of orders have been made in the last couple of hours.  I see other posts regarding an issue like this with prior versions, but they were presented with a database error or other errors, but we are not getting any errors.  

    All help appreciated.  No errors in Apache's logs.  Apache 2.4.46, MySQL 5.7.31, & PHP 7.3.25 is the current setup we have for this site. 

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