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  1. I apologize if I'm missing this, but I've searched through the Knowledgebase and here but can't find any mention. Is there a way to set up a product package with multiple items? I currently have all of my For Sale items listed individually, but want to offer a discount if someone buys a combination of items. (Inventory would have to be "shared," of course - if someone buys the package then the individual items are no longer available, and vice versa.) For example, I'm selling some of my camera equipment: Camera body Lens 1 Lens 2 Camera with lens 1 Camera with b
  2. I must be overlooking something really obvious, but I just can't find it. How do I set the home page to display all products? I only seem to be able to display the Latest Products, which I set at 12 items. There is no link to "view more," or go to the "next page" - or any way that I can find for people to see more products other than what's in the (12) Latest Products section. Yes I have 2 categories at the top, but one category has > 12 items now, some of which don't appear to be viewable..?? I just noticed that if someone clicks on Sale Items at the top that there will be a "More" bu
  3. Struggling to find options here.... Is there any way to disallow/block/omit the whole Delivery Address section? I'm trying to set up a page for local sales, and will not be shipping. I just want people to be able to purchase online and pick up locally. Thanks, Wm
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