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  1. I apologize if I'm missing this, but I've searched through the Knowledgebase and here but can't find any mention. Is there a way to set up a product package with multiple items? I currently have all of my For Sale items listed individually, but want to offer a discount if someone buys a combination of items. (Inventory would have to be "shared," of course - if someone buys the package then the individual items are no longer available, and vice versa.) For example, I'm selling some of my camera equipment: Camera body Lens 1 Lens 2 Camera with lens 1 Camera with both lenses Thanks, Wm
  2. I must be overlooking something really obvious, but I just can't find it. How do I set the home page to display all products? I only seem to be able to display the Latest Products, which I set at 12 items. There is no link to "view more," or go to the "next page" - or any way that I can find for people to see more products other than what's in the (12) Latest Products section. Yes I have 2 categories at the top, but one category has > 12 items now, some of which don't appear to be viewable..?? I just noticed that if someone clicks on Sale Items at the top that there will be a "More" button at the bottom. But that doesn't appear on the default page view. Sorry if I'm being obtuse, William
  3. Struggling to find options here.... Is there any way to disallow/block/omit the whole Delivery Address section? I'm trying to set up a page for local sales, and will not be shipping. I just want people to be able to purchase online and pick up locally. Thanks, Wm
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