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  1. He is also trying to fix the "remove item" bug.
  2. It corrects it (the ones in the header). The ones in the main menu never go away, clear cache or not. They have never failed. Every time I clear cache, the links appear in the header. The next click, they are gone until I clear cache again.
  3. The "remove item" button is also not working in foundation. I have another person working on that issue. But, the missing "gift certificate" and "sale items" link over the serch bar in the header is still intermittent. Most of the time it does not come up. I havent checked but I dont think foundation has those links, does it? And if not, that means its a skin issue? Let me know your thoughts...Thank You! Rich
  4. Hello again! After updating my CC to 6.4.2 and this amzin skin to 1.03, I am getting error message in admin>store settings>features, "Warning: It doesn't look like your current skin is compatible with whats3words.". I am also having a couple of bugs after the update... 1. The links "gift certificates" and "sale items" that normally appear over the search bar in the header, are not always appearing. They appear randomly. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. 2. The button "remove item" in the shopping cart does not work properly. When you click on it, it goes to 404 error page. Thanks RICH https://mybikerleather.com
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