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  1. Thanks, think I have managed to follow it all from there and will have a go at altering some bit.
  2. Hi I am trying to alter the layout of the categories menu and think I need to look at where this gets defined {if $CATEGORIES} {$CATEGORIES} {else} Can anyone point me to the right file please? thanks Paul
  3. OK so I exported all the customer data from my live store and imported it to the test database then ran the query below and it works DELETE FROM `CubeCart_customer` WHERE `first_name`=`last_name` and `order_count`=0 and CUSTOMER_ID NOT IN (SELECT CUSTOMER_ID FROM CubeCart_addressbook)
  4. I will give it a spin on my test store over the weekend and see what happens!
  5. As well as implementing the file mentioned above can anyone see any issues with using the following select statement to delete existing customers created by the hacker? SELECT * FROM `CubeCart_customer` WHERE `first_name`=`last_name` and `order_count`=0 and CUSTOMER_ID NOT IN (SELECT CUSTOMER_ID FROM CubeCart_addressbook) the above should show what will be deleted and should only get accounts with matching first and last name, no orders and no address's registered once happy with that i intend to run as a delete statement.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Can you recommend any replacement for these or at least the vertical menu?
  7. Can anyone confirm if the below SemperFi plugins still work with v 6.4.2 please, before I upgrade? Custom Foundation 5 v3.5 Site News with comments v7.1 Vertical Navigation Box v10.1 many thanks Paul
  8. Did you manage to resolve this at all? I have the same plugin but now SemperFi have disappeared I want to replace it.
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