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  1. Issue resolved. 2 calls later, the 3rd tech rep I got a hold of was able to identify that the IP's were not correctly whitelisted to my database host, even though appeared they were in my cPanel. He re-ran a script on the backend and that fixed it. The CC databases are backing up successfully now with CodeGuard.
  2. You are correct. Sitebackup Pro is provided within the hosting environment, whereas CodeGuard is an external service that connects into the hosting env. CodeGuard provides a list of IP addresses it uses for this connection, which I had previously added to my hosting environment cPanel of allowed IPs. I called the tech support line for my hosting provider earlier, and I more or less got a 'punt'. But reading your response only re-affirms that it must have something to do with the way my hosting env is setup. I'll try their tech support line again and hopefully a different agent is more hel
  3. Hi there, Anyone have experience using CodeGuard (https://www.codeguard.com/) to setup automated backups of their CubeCart databases? My hosting provider has recently rolled out CodeGuard to my plan to replace Sitebackup Pro. I never had any issues using Sitebackup Pro to run daily/weekly/monthly backups of my CC databases... but for some reason in CodeGuard I am constantly getting an Access Denied error when trying to connect to my database. I am certain the CC database user name/password is not an issue. Is there an access file somewhere in CC that permits/restricts database ac
  4. Thanks!! I followed your instructions to create the "id" Column, and it worked! I am now seeing Transaction Logs in the Cubecart Admin Control Panel where previously it was just a blank screen. So at minimum it does seem that the master Transaction Logs UI in the CC Admin Control Panel are keying off Order "id". What's interesting is it is only showing logs from Yesterday through now. None from before that, but I can live with it. Also, it populated the "id" numbers for every one of my orders since the beginning! that data must have existed in the table somewhere and it recognize
  5. *UPDATE* 1) I was able to fix the issue with the "custom_oid" index using your solution at https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/55254-database-keys-issue/ 2) I installed a vanilla "demo" store on my domain into a new subfolder just to check out this Cubecart_order_summary table and view its default Columns I see the Column "id" in my "demo" store, and I see its purpose is to AUTOINCREMENT the Orders as they are placed. I created a dummy order and it populated "1" under Column "id"; presumably the next order will be 2, then 3 and so forth... The vanilla demo install has 5
  6. It is necessary that there be a column named 'id'. If there isn't, something went horribly wrong. Yikes!! What information is captured in column "id"? I definitely do not have this column in my table, and can't think of a good reason why. I rarely poke around at the database level. The upgrade to 6.4.2 did not throw any warnings/errors, and I only came upon this stuff when reviewing the Maintenance > Database tab after the upgrade. I guess it could be possible this issue prevailed from before 6.2.8 (my last version) and I just never paid attention to it. Thankfully, customers ha
  7. Hi @bsmither I am examining the contents of the database table CubeCart_order_summary, and to be honest I don't see anything out of the ordinary. I have ~ 3000 orders in here, many of which were created dating back to Cubecart v3, v4 and v5. I do not see a Column "id", nor anything called "S.id". I did however see something odd in Column "custom_oid" in the table. In the phpMyAdmin 'Browse' view... this Column has blanks in the field for several hundreds of orders, and NULL for several hundreds of others (see screenshots below). Since there is a Database warning about CubeCart
  8. Hi @bsmither I'm either missing something obvious, or not looking at the right place... but I cannot seem to find anything on "S.id" or Column "id" in the Cubecart_order_summary table. That said, a couple of new orders came in overnight, and I am seeing Transaction Logs for them in a new tab called 'Transaction Logs' tied to the specific order. i.e. I have to click on a specific order to see this new tab and it then shows me the transaction log. The "Master" Transaction Log link under Customers > Transaction Logs is still blank. I do not see this 'Transaction Log' sub-tab
  9. Hi All, I upgraded my store from v6.2.8 to v6.4.2 a couple days ago. The upgrade finished without any errors/warnings, and the store appears to be operating OK (I think)...however... I am unable to see any Transaction Logs in the Admin Control Panel. Zero. It's blank. I did use Maintenance > Rebuild > Clear transaction logs PRIOR to the upgrade to 6.4.2. I wanted a clean log and felt the in-built Maintenance tool would do not harm. But since I brought the store back online, I have had a handful of new orders (I only sell digital download products) and I have successfully
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