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  1. Hello, Could a specialist give me a quote and a deadline ? to build 2 plugins for my website. - a credit card payment plugin for my French bank (Caisse d'Epargne) https://paiement.systempay.fr/doc/en-EN/ the site gives examples of plugin. a plugin to ship orders with the tracking number. (entering the number in the order, sending the email to the customer, delivery by clicking on the tracking number link) Thank you Xavier
  2. Hi all, To open a CubeCart store, I would like to have feedback from French people who use cubecart to take the decision to use CubeCart in the long term for my French customers. I know WooCommerce and Prestashop. All the plugins are present (gateway with French banks, shipping with French shippers, chronopost, dpd, colissimo, ...), but I'm not a fan. We save time at the start, but there is a lot of work to set up and manage a store. I discovered Cubecart and I find it very nice, easy to use and efficient. However, I am considering adopting it. Is it better to use cube
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