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  1. I have contacted our hosting company and they have confirmed there was a problem Ihave listed their response in case anyone elese may have this issue. 'I have checked the php.ini file once again and I have updated it. It was not defined in the .htaccess file as well so the changes made in the php.ini file were not being picked up.' I can now log in and enjoy Once again thank you for your quick response it is nice to work with a company that values it's users. As suggested I am using PHP 7.4
  2. Thank you I will give it a try
  3. Morning Al Thanks again we are using PHP 5.6 if that helps.
  4. Hi Al thanks for coming back so quickly, the answer to your question is it adds the item to the cart, but when you go to view the cart is says cart empty
  5. I am new to Cubecart and have just installed the latest version of Cubecart both through your hosting provider to no avail and then I loaded the Cubecart Zip file directly on to our server. Both times I got the same results. Both user and password are correct, when entered the login panel refreshes with no error messages. If I put in incorrect login details I get incorrect user/password etc. So it shows that these are correct but it will not go any further. I have spend all of today trying to fix this issuse by looking at the forum and gooling Cubecart login issuses for which I must
  6. Is there an extension that works out the cost of an item by formula. If selling item by length ie material Length x price = Total Cost 5m x £1 = £5 etc We sell Hydraulic hoses so need to price by length of hose and various other options, such as end fittings and hose width
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