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  1. Bsmither You're a lovely man. Thanks for your help. Cheers Glyn.
  2. HI there I'm pulling data out of the Order_Summary table and the State and Country Columns both contain numeric codes rather than character strings. Does anyone know where I can get the cross reference data from to convert these numbers into country and state names please ? I've had a look in the DB Schema and I can't seem to find anything. Any help really appreciated. Kind Regards Glyn.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. It all makes sense. Cheers Glyn
  4. Thanks bsmither The guys who have been entering the products haven't been consistent and have sometimes included the original weight into the options field. I'll now be able to explain that this should be set to zero, unless that particular option has an excess weight over and above the basis product weight. Thanks again, your help is always appreciated. Regards Glyn.
  5. Hi guys We have recently started using All In One Shipping, which is working well for us in most cases. However for products that have options settings, for size and colour etc, we have noticed that the weight shown in the general information tab is added to the weight shown in the product options tab, giving double the weight we were expecting. I was wondering if the solution would be setting the product weight in the general information tab to 0. Any help would be gratefully received as I didn't want to experiment on a live shop. Thanks Glyn.
  6. Thanks, for your input. Got it working Cheers Glyn.
  7. Hi Guys I've edited the content of the order confirmation email. This has resulted in no order confirmation emails being sent. While investigating this, I've seen tat B SMithers says there is a bug, but I can't find how to fix it. Got an urgent problem here, as Ryan Reynolds is going on TV in the morning to advertise something we're selling, and currently we can't send emails... If anyone can help that would be brilliant. Thanks Glyn.
  8. Hi there Thanks for this, it looks like good news. I guess that after the code has been implemented, we can optionally set a max quantity for certain items but we don't have to it for all. On that basis can you go ahead and implement the code change into our environment. Thanks in advance. Glyn.
  9. HI there I was wondering if there was any documentation on how to install the All In One Extension please ? Kind Regards Glyn.
  10. Hi there We are currently using the By Weight extension to calculate shipping costs. I'm not sure if we have set it up incorrectly but we appear to have an issue by where if more than two of a particular item is added to a cart the shipping costs are shown as zero. The product details are Basic Information Status Product Name Manufacturer / Brand -- None -- St David's Press Art Design Cymru Aviation American Gin Euro Sports Merchandise Ltd Gillian Wallace Collection Heritage Leisure Designs Ltd Jez Davies JJ Sports Promotions Macron Richard Partington, Wrexham AFC Fan SEGA Spirit of '58 The Junior Dragons The Leader VX3 Apparel Wrexham AFC Wrexham Club Ties Ltd Wrexham Supporters Trust Condition New Used Refurbished Product Code Automatically generate product code Product Weight Include in featured products Include in latest products The By weight shipping costs are shown below 0.02:00,0.05:0.60,0.1:1.00,0.15:1.50,0.2:1.95,0.75:3.99,0.77:3.99,0.80:3.99,1:3.99,1.25:3.99,1.5:3.99,1.75:3.99,2:8.00,4:11.00,8,15.00 Any help would be really appreciated. Kind Regards Glyn.
  11. Hi Bmsithers, thanks for your help with this. Really appreciated. Kind Regards Glyn.
  12. Hi there, Being as I'm new to Cubecart I apologise if the questions I'm asking are very basic. I was wondering if there is the facility to restrict the maximum quantity of a single item within an order ? Is it possible to not accept an order for an item based on the delivery address ? eg only available within the UK ? Is it possible to print off a number of delivery labels for different orders ? Thanks in advance for any help. Kind Regards Glyn.
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