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  1. So I changed the order and made the local zones first in the list. and the other you mentioned was already set to first matching zone. I cleared the cache from the maintenance page, cleared my own browser as well. Then I thought maybe the range wasn't entered correctly so I changed it to what the picture shows but still getting the same results. Thanks for your help on this bsmither.
  2. I have 2 different zones set for Ontario Canada and one of those is custom for around my area. So one for ontario in general and the other is in ontario as well but I entered specific postal codes. Now lets say a local customer comes along, the drop down list shows the local pickup option or if they want it shipped but the list also shows shipping options for all of ontario. One zone is set to One or more states/provinces and the custom is One or more postal codes. Am I forgetting to do something or not setting something right? thanks for the help
  3. I see the example it gives you in the AIOS but not sure if I understand it correctly. If I want only a specific range like say one small city. for example: Postal code range for Timmins is from P4N 0A0 to P4R 9Z9 as per the Canada post website. Do I have to look up every postal code in that range and enter each one like the example below? or do I enter it as P4N*, P4R* for that range? Thanks for the help Instructions (Canada) List your postcodes on separate lines, or separated by commas. Use an asterisk (*) or a percent sign (%) to match any letters/numbers (any length, zero or more characters) e.g. M* Use an underscore (_) to match exactly one letter/number e.g. M4B 1B_ Note that you cannot use a dash (-) to match a number range since Canadian postcodes contain letters. Shipping Zone Example (Section of Downtown Toronto) M4G*, M4H*, M4M*, M4W*, M4X*, M4Y*, M5A*, M5B*, M5C*, M5E*, M5G*, M5H*, M5J*, M5K, M5L*, M5T*, M5V*, M5W*, M5X*
  4. I have the print order form and it was enabled. woke up this morning to see the pof extension had an update. did the update and did a test order. all worked, no new error on the log. Perfect. Thank you
  5. even after I put all files back to first install this comes up - I don't know what it means or how to fix it.
  6. So I'm trying to edit the mandatory fields from the checkout form and what ever form that requires the address fields/ phone fields. I came across a few post and the one I used was the one attached to this post since it looked like what I was looking for. but I am using the latest cc and some of the lines mentioned are not found in the file even when I do a search. and when I think I find what I'm looking for and change it my site crash and won't load but as soon I undo the changes it's all fine. Definitely need some help on this one, if possible. If there is another post with this question that's not old, I will gladly go read it. I'm trying to remove all the required fields and validations and have the fields optional for address and phone the rest if fine to stay. thank you
  7. I was wondering if this has been asked before. not sure what I would type to find it. since I custom make my items in a first come first serve basis I am wondering if there is a way to implement an order cue. Like once a customer places an order he would be provided with a message saying something along the lines of "your order is #3 on the list. Would this be hard to do? is there a mod for this? is it something I would need to get built? I've been asking so many questions since starting working with cc I'm gonna change my name to pest soon.. lol I have the latest version of CC and using Foundation
  8. Thanks bsmither, greatly appreciated
  9. I've changed my background for the site and I would like certain boxes of my site to have white backgrounds like for example the customer review box. I find that I can change the colour in the .panel lines in foundation.css but by changing it, it also change every panels on the site white. I used the google inspect and that's how I found where I needed to go in the foundation.css to change it but once I did, well everything related to .panel also got changed to white. I am not sure how I would write a different css for a specific area. can anyone help? thank you I am using the latest CC
  10. Thank you again for your expertise B I appreciate it. I am not even close to being a novice when it comes to css and when I search the net I always get confusing results when I type what I am looking for. But that's ok I am learning. I get frustrated with this build a few times a day but I won't give up t'ill it's done, this platform is excellent. AND when I do get annoyed cause I don't understand, I just roll my chair to my sewing machine that's 2 feet away and go sew something... then roll back to my 30 open windows and start again... lol thank again
  11. Maybe this has been covered before but I am unable to locate it in the forum. Is there a way to center the list of the latest items on the home page? Also was wondering if that outer box grey line can be made smaller and not visible without affecting the size of the picture? I am using the Foundation skin with the latest version of CC thank you very much for this help
  12. ok thanks , I will go research right now and see what I can find.
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