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  1. thank you , that works. still learning i tried a lot of things. and something i really dont understand... when you look at the form to submit the review , you have the title and review box but it you look at the functions to add it in the database , nothing there to find for those boxes.
  2. im a bit struggling to get something working want to add an extra field in the review page so in content.product.php i add : <p> <label for="rev_bijkomend">bijkomende opmerking</label> <input id="rev_bijkomend" type="text" name="bijkomend" value="{$WRITE.bijkomend}" class="textbox" /> </p> in cubecart.class.php after $record['rating'] = (isset($_POST['rating'])) ? $_POST['rating'] : 0; $record['product_id'] = (int)$_GET['product_id']; $record['ip_address'] = get_ip_address(); $rec
  3. loadContent('cart.payment_fraud' loadContent('cart.order_cancelled' meant , where is defined for sending the different emails to customers depending on the case
  4. latest version . if you add a note for customer (for an order and on the field customers can see) customers didn't see the note in there account - orders
  5. anyone can point out where this is defined ? case self::ORDER_FAILED: // Email the customer to explain their order failed fraud review $content = $mailer->loadContent('cart.payment_fraud', $order_summary['lang'], $this->_order_summary); break; case self::ORDER_CANCELLED: // Cancelled $content = $mailer->loadContent('cart.order_cancelled', $order_summary['lang'], $this->_order_summary); break;
  6. open cubecart.class.php ; find $summary['state'] = getStateFormat($summary['state']); $summary['country'] = getCountryFormat($summary['country']); $summary['state_d'] = is_numeric($summary['state_d']) ? getStateFormat($summary['state_d']) : $summary['state_d']; $summary['country_d'] = getCountryFormat($summary['country_d']); $summary['order_status'] = $GLOBALS['language']->order_state['name_'.$summary['status']]; $summary['vat_number'] = $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'tax_number'); add :
  7. Even when its not added before in the card and you uncheck available for purchase you still can purchase it. ( with the skin i use) Just checked it. In database data for available is set to 0. That seems to be right. Will have a look at the coding later. Maybe it will be an easy fix. Edit : with the foundation skin there arent any problems. Will be skin related
  8. <div><label for="product_code_auto">{$LANG.catalogue.product_code_auto}</label><span><input name="product_code_auto" id="product_code_auto" type="hidden" class="toggle" {$PRODUCT.auto_code_checked} > <input name="product_code_old" id="product_code_old" type="hidden" value=""> </span></div> => how do i set this standard to checked when adding new product <div><label for="product_featured">{$LANG.catalogue.product_featured}</label><span><input type="hidden" name="featured" id="product_featured" class="t
  9. I wanna make the hard changes to the coding itself and edit the coding for the add and edit function of the products. But for the moment i cant find the coding page for the products.php Before it was easy to find. In Early versions you went to admin folder search for addproduct.php or editproduct.php and you could change whatever you want using notepad Thank you will have a look
  10. Hi all. First of all it has been ages i was online here and used cc. ( i even had to make a New login. So all my old mods and messages are gone) Dont know if any of the old users are still online. My previous nick was Jbdancer A lot has changed in cc. Getting to know the New programming but struggling, after searching on forum aswell, to find some functions. Using last version of cc Admin area : 1. Where can i find the function to call for the products from database ( to add New ones / edit products) 2. Where is the scripting page for adding and editing product
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