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  1. T3Gunner


    Thank you, I'll give it a try.
  2. T3Gunner


    Hello all, How do we edit/add to the main menu? TIA
  3. Found it! Excuse my ignorance (wink)!
  4. Hello all, Is there a way to change the 'thank you' notice people will receive after placing an order? It currently says "Kind Regards", would like it to say "Thank You"
  5. Thanks again bsmither, I managed to include the 'quantity' options via the suggestions/instructions you provided!
  6. Thanks for your reply bsmither, I managed to set the 'size' options and selected 'required' but a bit confused as to how to add 'quantities' available for each size and shirt.
  7. Hello all, I have a cart with 4 different shirts with 4 sizes sm-med-lrg-xlrg is there a tutorial that shows how to add quantities for each shirt & size? Thanks in advance.
  8. Haven't got a clue! I'll just remember to check the 'off-line' file every once in a while to clear it of all the nbs entries. I can live with it if or until it's fixed. FYI: I don't use any browser plug-ins
  9. I use Chrome, firefox, edge, brave, all up to date. I test all my sites in these browsers. cache disabled in all browsers
  10. I'll just go into the source code and delete the lines again if I have the same issue(s). Thanks again for your insight.
  11. Well, it took me some doing.....BUT......I was able to edit the 'off-line' source code and deleted about 250 lines of non-breaking-space entries and now I am able to edit the social links as well as the geographical info, and all 'stuck'! Is there any reason that there were soooooooo many extra lines of code? I never edited the 'off-line' page. Thanks bsmither & AlBrookbanks
  12. error log entries, copyright is minimal, where is 'offline message'?
  13. No disrespect but, thats easy for you to say! What do I need to do to make the changes 'stick'? There should be a simple solution besides going back to AbanteCart (wink)
  14. I'm just trying to change the social links and the Geo settings, these are generic links and should be able to be changed to MY links and info. Is there a way to just delete the social icons?
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