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  1. There is a bunch of html at the bottom of my store page. I'm sure it isn't meant to be there. How do I get rid of this? See http://www.olsenstoursandtraining.com/store/
  2. Did that. Cleared cache. No difference Had to add a shipping option after installation. In my case Free Shipping
  3. I'm aware of the show empty categories option . it is enabled. How do I clear the cache at any time? I've never seen that button appear. Found it. Thanks
  4. I would have thought clearing the browser cache would fix this but it didn't. Are you saying I need to edit the huge file?
  5. Only two of my categories show in the menu bar. Can I display more? How? http://www.olsenstoursandtraining.com/store K
  6. Hi. I wish to change the colour of buttons and text to match my logo. I added some lines to CSS (as per a suggestion for another theme/skin but that did not work in Foundation skin. I added the following to cubecart.default.css a {color: #933000;} a:hover, a:focus {color: #933000;} button, .button {background-color: #933000; border-color: #933000;} button:hover, button:focus, .button:hover, .button:focus { background-color: #933000;}
  7. HI, I have a Cubecart store at http://www.olsenstoursnadtraining.com/store. I have changed the logo to my own but want to change the link url to point to http://www.olsenstoursandtraining.com not http://www.olsenstoursnadtraining.com/store. How do I do this in the Foundation Skin? K
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