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  1. 8 minutes ago, bsmither said:

    Of any and all database table names, only of the CubeCart part -- the indicated letters must be capitalized. The rest of the table name must be lowercase. Check them all.

    (Note: It probably wouldn't make a difference if the server computer were running a Windows Server operating system, where upper and lower cases can usually be ignored. For Linux, uppercase vs lowercase are two different words.)

    I am attaching the screenshot. Most of them are lowercase except some.


  2. 10 hours ago, havenswift-hosting said:

    Neither CubeCart core or any plugins will have hard coded paths - you can pick up a store and move hosting or even move it to a new domain.  

    That developer disappeared a while back and seems unlikely to ever come back - however, all plugins will still work.

    You could try clearing cache but otherwise your best bet is to go back to your hosting support.  They know their hosting environment and they did the transfer so they *should* be best placed to look into this. 

    Thank you for your reply.Clearing the cache solved the error 500.

    The latest error is an follows: 

    Jun-2021 17:51:20 Asia/Calcutta] PHP Notice: `cart_order_id` is not allowed as a key in 'CubeCart_downloads' table! in /home/u195200225/domains/idarastore.com/public_html/classes/db/database.class.php on line 900


    Line 900 contains the following:

          } else {

           trigger_error("`$key` is not allowed as a key in '$table' table!");


    7 hours ago, bsmither said:

    I concur that clearing the cache has a high probability of fixing this situation.

    Please make sure this file exists:

    This part is contained within CubeCart, and this file should be present:
    This is the complete path including the first part
    where CubeCart should be installed, according to code
    in the cached skin template:
    This is the current location where the cached skin template is at:

    So, the first part of the path to the file to include does not match the first part of the path where CubeCart is currently installed.

    Therefore, clearing the cache will then cause Smarty to recompile the skin template, which will then contain the correct current full path to the file to include.

    I will conclude that the migration erroneously included all files found in the /cache/ folder. (Should have cleared the cache before the copying.)

    Yes it did. Error 500 is fixed now but the still some parts of the store are not operational such as changing the status of an order or saving a setting.

  3. On 6/3/2021 at 3:37 PM, Noodleman said:

    check your php error log for warnings/errors. 

    [04-Jun-2021 15:44:39 Asia/Calcutta] PHP Fatal error: require_once() [<a href='http://docs.php.net/manual/en/function.require.php'>function.require.php</a>]: Failed opening required '/var/www/vhosts/83/241620/webspace/httpdocs/idarastore.com/includes/lib/smarty/plugins/modifier.replace.php' (include_path='.:/opt/alt/php54/usr/share/pear:/opt/alt/php54/usr/share/php:/home/u195200225/domains/idarastore.com/public_html/modules/plugins/SFWS_Recently_Viewed_Products:/home/u195200225/domains/idarastore.com/public_html/modules/plugins/SFWS_Related_Products:/home/u195200225/domains/idarastore.com/public_html/modules/plugins/wishlist') in /home/u195200225/domains/idarastore.com/public_html/cache/skin/8972bf0ed14ecf531dfe73d4db667e124c2dc472_0.string.php on line 18

    The error on line 18 is in the path of a particular file. The plugin is using the old path of previous Hosting.


    On 6/3/2021 at 3:39 PM, havenswift-hosting said:

    Hi Huzaifa

    It sounds like it was far from successful - you should go back to them and tell them of these problems and get them to fix them - they are not CubeCart issues but are likely hosting resource or configuration issues. Non specialist companies like this are quick to take your money and not so quick or knowledgeable about issues

    Our online store was modded with some mods by SemperFiWebServices (can't find them now, they are inactive now).

    The errors seem to be coming from their mods as they have coded the mods with old path of previous Hosting, and this new Hosting has some other paths.

    Kindly assist if there is a way to solve these issues.

  4. Hello.

    I just changed my Hosting to Hostinger. The migration was done by them and it was succesfull. My store is working fine generally but I can't seem to do stuff such as "Save" something, change the Status of the orders, Change prices etc. Also, Everything in the front end is also working fine except the final checkout process where I get the following error: 


    This page isn't working

    idarastore.com is currently unable to handle this request.

    HTTP ERROR 500.

    Kindly assist.



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