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  1. You are completely right. Its my fault. Sorrry for useless thread. Danny
  2. Hi, I am new here and I do not understand cubecart so much yet. Im looking around {$SOCIAL_LIST}, because i see nothing in "follow us" area. In admin -> dashoboard -> settings -> general i changed some URLs of social sites, but nothing change/apear. Im doing some changes in my skin, but when i change back to default skin and clear cache, nothing change, in footer i can not see any social media buttons. I hope, I did not make any mistake on my localhost - same thing happening me when i open Live Demo on this official site -> https://demo.cubecart.com/cc6/index.php I do not understand icon-sprites.svg so much, as I read about shapes and curves for web/svg purposes 20 mins ago. But I understand benefits of vector graphic in overall. My question is, is it possible to easy replace "<path d="M1376 128q119 0 203.5 84.5t8...." in .svg with path to static jpg/png/bmp? Thanks. add source code is here ... <li><a href="https://twitter.com" title="Twitter" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-twitter-square"></use></svg></a></li> <li><a href="https://vimeo.com" title="Vimeo" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-vimeo-square"></use></svg></a></li> ... but, no icons apear...
  3. Many thanks for this explanation. You saved me lot of time and helped me to understand some part of this clever cubeThing
  4. Hi, im new to cubeCart and im really interested in! I will learn how to make my own skin. For learning purposes, i edited main.php into something like this ... {include file='templates/box.sale_items.php'} <!--:--><br><br><hr><br><br><p>box.documents.php</p><br> {include file='templates/box.documents.php'} <!--:--><br><br><hr><br><br><p>SOCIAL_LIST</p><br> {$SOCIAL_LIST} <!--:--><br><br><hr><br><br><p>box.newsletter.php</p><br> {include file='templates/box.newsletter.php'} <!--:--><br><br><hr><br><br><p>element.js_foot.php</p><br> {include file='templates/element.js_foot.php'} <!--:--><br><br><hr><br><br><p>LIVE_HELP</p><br> ... so i can see, what each file print on my webpage. Its only change i made for now. No other change were made into code or other php files. In other worlds, i just deleted html structure from main.php. It is just info for you. Second step were into file box.navigation.php (WHERE I DID NOT MAKE ANY CHANGE), just taked "{$NAVIGATION_TREE}" and paste it into my main.php at the end. Again, for see, what it will print. So, source is looking like this. ... {include file='templates/element.markup.json-ld.php'} <!--:--><br><br><hr><br><br><p>modal.exit.php</p><br> {include file='templates/modal.exit.php'} <!--:--><br><br><hr><br><br><p></p><br> {$NAVIGATION_TREE} </body> </html> OK, and now what is my problem. When i open homepage, it is working how i expect. "menu" will apear, its clickable etc.. just everything is fine. But if I refresh page or click this link, next time some page loads with this layout, this link at the end of page will disapear and only way to bring it back is click "clear cache" in administration panel. Than my "new menu" will be there again just for once, until refresh. Im asking, wtf why? There is another interesting thing. When i clear cache and open index.php which will lead to open page like you can see in screenshot, when i inspect page source of whole page in web broswer, there is nothing like menu item "test category" at the end of site. But if I mark end of page with mouse, and select "view selection source", my "test category" is there. View page source - ...words%5D={search_term}&_a=category","query-input":"required name=search_term"}}</script></body></html> View selection source when is marked with mouse - words%5D={search_term}&_a=category","query-input":"required name=search_term"}}</script><br><br><hr><br><br><p>modal.exit.php</p><br><br><br><hr><br><br><p></p><br><li class="has-dropdown"><a href="/cubecart/test-category" title="Test Category">Test Category</a></li></body></html> Source codes are from broswer, from same page, without refresh between it. Only diference is whole page source/selection source code. Im using cubecart v6, running localy on windows10/wamp and using firefox.
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