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  1. Thamks for your reply. I read info at this forum and my problem is solved. It is working the way you mention. Thanks again.
  2. when i go back to phpmail function and i fill in the smtp server information. Then only the customer receives the invoice. When i set the phpmail function into smtp without ssl then nothing is happening. Only the order is placed in de stores database.
  3. Thanks for your answer but i can not get it working with smtp. Tried everyting but no succes! i dont know what the problem is . The invoice does not go to the customer and the shop owner.
  4. i only use the print order form. But only the customer receives a email confirmation of the order. and the owner of the shop does not receive the order by email!! I use the phpmail() function. I have activated the option "Send order confirmation email". Need some help here. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi Thanks for the quick reply. I will use the cc5 first. thanks again
  6. I have installed the dutch language for cc 6. Unfortunately it is not show in the back-end. Also some items in the front-end are not translated. Can or will somebody please help me? Thanks in advance.
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