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  1. I have lots of products. When I want to upload images in bulk I have wait for the file manager to process the listing and display thumbnail before I can move to the upload section. Is the anyway to by pass this or a better way of managing a large number of images ? I see I can create folders in the file manager section but does it not still just upload all the images to the same place? I see nowhere in the "add image" to select a folder to upload to, am I missing something?
  2. Thanks, that's the second thread you've given me code. I'm not ignoring you but have setup a dev site so I'm not working on the live site.Bit busy at the moment to do that and also need to rebuild my web server too. Really will try these thanks.
  3. Sorry folks I forgot to put a notice on this thread and have only now revisited, I will read your replies and respond as soon as possible.
  4. Sorry I don't know if this is the right place but does anyone know how I can show a box like the "popular products" box but with the last few items sold on the site listed? I want to give an indication to others that people are buying from the site and as I sell unique items they go out of stock when one is bought, but I would like people to know what we had for future reference.
  5. Must say I'm loving Cubecart so far, soon be up and running here. But have a question more about design than anything. I've now loaded around 500 products but looking at the product listing the is nothing their to indicate when browsing how many products are remaining in that the category to be viewed. Ideally if I have the setting "VIEW" 30 products in a listing page I would like at the bottom "displaying 1 to 30 of 134 products in this category" and this to change as the customer goes page to page. At the moment they wouldn't have a clue how many the are as you can see - in this screenshot - it just says MORE on the button Ideas very much appreciated
  6. I can certain wait that long. I won't be kicking off the selling till I have 1000 items in my spreadsheet ready to import, got about 500 at the moment. So I'll get on with that process for a week or so. Thanks
  7. HI guys, loving my experience with Cubecart so far. I already have a working site up so now I'm turning towards the look of the site. The skin included would be fine if but are the better free options? I've look here and the does seem some talk about a lot of the skins being out-dated now. I want a simple look, not interested in banners or branding as it's not that kind of store. Would prefer a drop down category listing on the side to be honest. But needs to work for mobi folks naturally. Any advice gratefully received. My site is for used goods and I'll be use very short descriptions and only one image per product.
  8. All is fine, just me putting the path in. I like to try and keep images separate from the application as it's more flexible when linking to those images to other places like eBay. Anyway, just upload about 500 products without an hitch, except me working grams
  9. Hold on guys - never rule out a loose nut on the keyboard. I just checked my CSV file AGAIN and the images have the full path not just the image file name, I'm guessing that's the issue. Doing another test now, I'll report back if it's not. Thanks for the help, sorry if I wasted your time. Mind you, it does highlight something that perhaps needs to be address in the code.
  10. Looks to me like the index is there but why they are showing up in the file manager and not in the product image selection process, although they show in the preview when the cursor is rolled over the image file name. I'm going to test the import again to see if it happens again but does this work for everyone else?
  11. bsmither, surely if I did that all the time it would be pointless using the import feature. But I'll check in the database tomorrow to see if these images have a product ID. Well after sending the above I notice I still had the screen up in the browser so I did what you suggested and it worked. Is this a regular bug? I'll have to do some more testing but at least it seems the PHP install is not missing extensions. I'll report back in the morning.
  12. Thanks for the quick response, main suspect is the GD file as I had to downgrade the PHP to get the cart to install. I shell check both first thing in the morning, just seem very odd behaviour so thought I would ask. Having default "no image" images makes it a tad difficult to investigate. Liking the cart so far, not using it for anything fancy just a personal car boot sort of sale on my blog.
  13. Hi folks, hope someone can suggest a solution to this problem. Installed Cubecart today first timer, looked up all the info on importing products. Made a csv file, upload the images via the admin panel, then imported some products to do a test. All the products imported but the images don't show on the front or in the admin as thumbnails. However in the admin > images section they all show fine. On investigating a single product and going to the image section there I'm greeted with a file manager list but there again the images don't show - however if I roll my cursor over the thumbnail placeholders the image do come up in the preview box. I have cache turned off
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