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  1. Hi, I changed the code as mentionned 'march 13, 2018' and using CC 6.5.0-b3 I do see the new filter 'Product Code', but whatever I introduce in the field, it doesn't work. The 'date range' filter and the 'order status' filter do work. how can this be? can somebody help me out ? thank you so much !!!! stef
  2. I could solve the problem !!! @ bsmither : thank you very much for your help. All your tips helped me to solve the problem. all you wrote helped me out ! conclusion : the upgrade was not done properly well....
  3. yes, this is now also clear for me. thank you. I'll proceed cleaning this and via 'FTP' all files and folders again.... thank you so far !!!! !
  4. still searching.... i found this structure whereby I do notice 2 admin folders and 1 admin file. If I look at the dates, they are from my first install in 2018.... upgrades didn't change that.... What can I do please?
  5. thank you !!! I looked into it and found this, and didn't find any of this kind of probs I think. Do you see another aspect? A/ in relation to the directories and files on the hosting ground B/ the file you mentionned : so many many thanks for your help !!!!
  6. looked in all the error logs... this is the only error I see nearly every test-mail I try. sorry but.... I'm hopeless...;-) system error.... the other log....
  7. I used another skin and that solved the problem thank you !!!!
  8. sorry, indeed !!!!!! email log is empty ! "-- none --" is mentionned found it under 'reporting' I'm using this on the settings... the only error I see after trying to send a testmail is : [Deprecated] /home/customer/www/shop.projectorama.be/public_html/admin_RHhCnM/sources/settings.index.inc.php:125 - filter_var() [function.filter-var.php]: explicit use of FILTER_FLAG_SCHEME_REQUIRED and FILTER_FLAG_HOST_REQUIRED is deprecated but not only testmails are giving problems. Upon orders there is no e-mail send at all in any of the steps (pending, processing, complete etc...) could be an configuration problem, but I tried all possible settings of Gmail, checked the gmail account on its settings. and also tried another e-mail adres (not Gmail).. no change
  9. problem is ... I don't see a e-mail log. have read about this, but I cannot find that tab in my admin? thank you so much for your help !!!
  10. Hello, after upgrading to v6.5.0 b3, the e-mails notifications are not working anymore. Can somebody help me please? I'm using gmail... thank you !!
  11. thank you so much for giving me a bit of hope :-)!!!! I'm using the default skin: foundation and never did 'something' with it ...other then just upgrading the cubcart versions.... So I could upgrade the skin as well? tank you !!!!!
  12. after upgrading my shop to 6.5.0-b3, the login/register is not working anymore. I get an error : 404 - Page Not Found Sorry but the page you are looking for could not be found. '404' page Hope someone can help me... shop is online :-(....
  13. hello, thank you very much ! in fact : no! on the admin, Edit a Product, Pricing tab. I only see: retail price sale price cost price tax class tax included minimum quantity purchase ! no "maximum" But I've just noticed that if I change the minimum from '0' to '1', that the little phrase 'maximum purchase quantity:0' has dissapeared. all OK then ! thank you for helping me out !!! stef
  14. hi all! I' m using cubecart v6.4.4 One of my products is showing a 'maximum purchase quantity'. Problem is , I cannot change this and it is on '0'. can anymone help me to find out where I can modify this? I found the "minium" to modify but not this new feature of the maximum ? thank you very much stef
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