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  1. I've setup Cubecart and have a few questions about SSLs and getting the Linkpoint payment gateway working. (1) Do I need a SSL certificate ?. This thread http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index....showtopic=10454 says it is not needed. Since the mode is "Payonly", doesn't that mean the customer is entering their credit card info onto my CC form (with no SSL and therefore at risk), and then CC is submitting its own form behind the scenes to Linkpoint with their SSL?. If so, then having my own SSL cert. seems like a pretty good idea! mcdonalds survey code (2) Is the customer Credit card info is being stored in my CC sql database, or is it discarded after the transaction is complete (so the customer will have to reenter it if they make another purchase) ? (3) If I *do* get a SSL cert., will the customer info given during registration (name, address, email address etc) also be protected by SSL during entry. (4) Right now, a customer needs to register before they can checkout. Can CC be configured so registration is not necessary ? Perhaps this is a bad idea anyway - if so, why ? TIA CC V3.0.10
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