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  1. Mr. bsmither! All i can say: Awesome! It looks better than I wished! A big thank you for the work and the solution! Is there any way I can send you a donation? kind regards Peter
  2. Fantastic - that sounds good! I just have to wait a bit: my hoster is migrating all my files to a new server architecture. At the moment nothing really works yet. I'll get back to you with the result tomorrow at the latest! Best regards Peter
  3. Hi bsmither! Thanks for your offer to send a copy of content.product.php as an attachment in a message. I look forward to trying out the solution! kind regards Peter content.product.php
  4. Of course - I've changed the content.product.php back to the last working version. The site is not yet released to the public and will be hosted under the main domain. Here you go: https://fashop.oldtimer-exklusiv.com/ Kind regards Peter
  5. Thanks for the suggested solution! I made the changes (I use Adobe Dreamweaver as editor), uploaded the file and this is how the result looks (see pictures): and... The table from the product description has moved all the way to the right and in exchange the Maillinglist box and the featured product box have disappeared all the way to the bottom left of the page. But I think the way is right kind regards Peter
  6. Hello bsmither! Thank you for your quick reply! Unfortunately, I am a complete zero in coding ... One information in advance: I have created the store without basket - only as a catalog.The lines of code in the example you sent for the Mikan skin I have not found. Only similar (see picture) and there I now lack the understanding of how I could implement the example, or modify it so that it fits for Crosshatch. As I see it, there is no if query to the Product.description. And also afterwards I can't find the class description in content.product.php. (By the way: In the link you sent to the forum post, your description of the solution is exactly my wish/goal: "The product description position falls to the lower of the gallery ...:") Thanks for your effort - it's up to me that I don't know what to do with it .... Best regards Peter
  7. Hello folks! First of all: I am an absolute newbie in PHP, MsQl and especially in the frontend design of Cubecart... I own some vintage cars and would like to offer them for sale on a nice platform. For this I have created a website and use Cubecart version 6.1.15 with the Crosshatch design as interface. I am also quite satisfied with the "success" so far. But I have a problem that I need help with. My question: Is it possible to change the display of the product description so that part of it is to the right of the image (I think this is standard, as I found in menue.php) and part of it appears directly below the thumbnails of the product images? I have made three pictures of the screen for this purpose. Thanks in advance for your support. Peter PS: Sorry for my bad english - I use a translator.
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