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  1. thanks for your comment. I looked it up in the database, the product id is 22. I can't see any difference in the way the two are stored in the seo database. I just cleared the cache on the admin page, and it seems to work now. Could this be simply due to the cache on the server?
  2. we have a broken link on a product page, and cannot figure out what is going on, all other pages seem to work. I was wondering what might be wrong with it? Here is the link to the broken page: 30V 100A High Current High Voltage Regulated DC Power Supply HY30100EX 220V VOLTEQ url: volteq.com/volteq-power-supply-hy30100ex-30v-100a-over-voltage-over-current-protection-220v-input.html similar links work, like this one: 30V 100A High Current High Voltage Regulated DC Power Supply HY30100EX 110V VOLTEQ url: volteq.com/volteq-power-supply-hy30100ex-30v-100a-over-voltage-over-current-protection-110v-input.html As far as I can tell, there is no difference other than the product detail: the first one is with 220V input, andthe second one is with 110V input thanks in advance! Sean
  3. thanks for your help. what code uses this? I think this might be the issue. During the process of performance tuning, I might have deleted the code that uses these.
  4. thanks for your advice. somehow the featured product is stuck at the same product, even after I removed it from the featured list. Just to be clear, we also have more than one product set to be featured. it is not due to the file box.featured.php as well, as we have replaced the file with another from a website that we know the featured works.
  5. on one of our websites, somehow the boxes with featured products/best sells/on sale items are all static, and never change. what could be the problem with our system? just in case you need it, here is the address: https://volteq.com in addition, the featured product does not show sale price.
  6. we have tried more than 10 times to upgrade and every time there is problems that we cannot resolve. something is wrong with the way our current system is set up I think.
  7. we have a website stuck at older version of CC. Is there a way to install the paypal commerce as plugin? if so, how can we make it happen? thanks in advance.
  8. when I choose FedEx as the extension to use, the cubecart does not seem to recognize it. when an item is added to basket, the website message says that there is no shipping method available. is there something special that needs to be done to enable the FedEx shipping module?
  9. that's what we did now. however, we get a ton of spammers leaving feedback, so it will be nice if there is a way to turn it on without too much of a performance haircut.
  10. we recently upgraded to CC6.5.1 and are really pleased about the result. when we enabled the reCaptcha, we found it adding quite some extra time to significantly impacted the google core vitals. I was wondering if there are ways to get around it?
  11. that nails it. you are a life saver! now I get 100 on multiple counts. Thank you! Diagnose performance issues 100 Performance 96 Accessibility 100 Best Practices 100 SEO 100 Performance Values are estimated and may vary. The performance score is calculated directly from these metrics.See calculator. 0–4950–8990–100
  12. thanks! I took care of it the same way, and now the SEO score is 100. I have one small issue with best practice that is still not solved. it has something to do with the stars, but despite my tweak, it persists. it initially complained that the stars are at 16 by 16, and expectation is 24 by 24. so I replaced the stars with 24 by 24 picture, and now it wants 36 by 36. I am not sure if I understood it correct? below is the complaint from google: Serves images with low resolution Image natural dimensions should be proportional to the display size and the pixel ratio to maximize image clarity. Learn how to provide responsive images. URL Displayed size Actual size Expected size volteq.com 1st Party star <img src="https://volteq.com/skins/foundation/images/star.png" alt="star"> …images/star.png (volteq.com) 24 x 24 24 x 24 36 x 36
  13. I did find the file, or I thought. it's located in the js>plugins folder, however, by adding href="#" there worked for my https://mastechpowersupply.com/ website (google stopped complaining about it), but not the https://volteq.com/ website. the prior is, as you know, stuck at 5..2.16 while the latter has migrated to 6.5.1. the weird thing is that both versions of Cubecart have the exact same file located at the exact same folder, and I did exactly the same modification. I even took the working file and uploaded to the newer version, and google still complained. I have included the file if you are interested in taking a look. jquery.rating.min.js
  14. by the way, I had to temporarily go back to 5.2, as I am going to leave it alone for a little bit and get some sleep. Thanks for your help, and I hope someday to get this site upgraded successfully!
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