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  1. Hello! I was trying to change the email template in the admin panel, I got this error message: Error 406 - Not Acceptable Generally a 406 error is caused because a request has been blocked by Mod Security. If you believe that your request has been blocked by mistake please contact the web site owner. the problem is that I am the website owner:(. we have another website with the same setup, and it works fine. Can someone please help? Thanks in advance. Sean
  2. Thanks so much! I was able to fix the issue with your help.
  3. I have been trying to do some remodeling on our website, one issue that I have encountered was that the look and feel is really hard to adjust. somehow the changes I made on the common.css file does not seem to matter. our home page is a bit cluttered, and I would like to add some white space but no matter what I do, it does not seem to work. Can some one help? Just in case, here is the link to our site: https://www.volteq.com/ Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. can you please help by providing the details on how to do this? You may need to alter the stylesheet that controls the product box height
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