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  1. It's fixed. Everything is working perfectly so go ahead and mark this as resolved if you'd like. Thanks so much for all the help. The info you both gave me led me to the problem so much thanks. Bill Cooke
  2. OK, so now I can get to see the basket but when I go to checkout the product info does not show up. The order is generated but no product info other than price and you cannot update the order status. I tried updating the tables again as described in the other post but no luck. When I select print order form as the gateway I get the blank screen 500 error again. I just noticed the incremental order number box was checked. I switch that off and everything works just fine. Think we found the problem! Hooray!
  3. I just switched over the the clean install DB (changed the global.inc file) and it works now. Something in the database did not upgrade correctly I guess. I can revert back to CC4 and try again and see what happens I guess. That is why you ALWAYS BACKUP!!!
  4. I also setup the ini.custom.inc file mentioned in the other post. No error logs show up still and nothing on the server logs either.
  5. Thank you so much for the replies. I am thinking it might not be a server/host problem as I setup a clean install to test first and it worked just fine. It was only when I went to upgrade the store that I ran into problems. I did have some issues setting up the all in one shipping module so that link you sent made it think that might be the issue. On the clean install I had no problems. I had the old paid Estelle mod on the old store and it brought over most of the info when it upgraded but I could not update the shipping rates. I have deleted all the rows in those tables now and still having the problem. Tried repairing and optimizing all tables that relate to the basket and no change. What files control the checkout and basket? Must be something got messed up or corrupted I'm thinking.
  6. Do not have SSL setup on this site yet. I'm just testing to see if I want to use CC6 or stick with Prestashop.
  7. I've tried switching skins, turning off the gateway and shipping options and I changed the setting that takes you straight to the basket when you add a product. Things are going into the basket but you can't open the basket or checkout.
  8. Just tried that and no luck. New .htaccess files was created but did not fix the problem.
  9. I just updated my old site from CC4 to CC6.0.5 and it all went fairly well. Problem is that now whenever I try to add an item to the basket from either the category page or product page I get a blank screen. I am not getting any error info or logs to share. Just a blank screen and this is the url that is showing up http://www.badwifelingerie.com/backup/index.php?_a=basket I reinstalled all the files again thinking maybe something was corrupted or missing but no luck. Has anyone run into this? Any ideas where to start looking? Bill Cooke
  10. I'm having the same problem. I have been able to get it to import some products but the data is going into the wrong cells of the DB table. ie. name is going under product code and such CC6.0.4
  11. I have been using CubeCart for about a decade now, since CC2. I am currently running my stores on CC4 and a few on CC3 still and they work exactly the way I need them to. I love CubeCart and what you have done up to this point. I really have been a huge fan and loyal user. For the past few weeks I have been trying to work on upgrading to CC5. This has been a painful, frustrating and fruitless experience to say the least. The lack of 3rd party support is alarming. The mods that do exist have little to do with what I need and skins are pretty limited as well, compared to CC4. I can spend a grand on a custom skin but with this many sites that gets pricey fast! I run a clothing store and that means I need a link to size charts, related products, things like that. I figured after a year or so it would get better... Not so much. It seems the old community has moved on to something else or they are waiting for CC6 to come out and hoping it goes back to what made CubeCart so great. Ease of use and lots of mods. The admin section of CC5 is NOT well thought out for handling 1,000's of products. It's at least 3 times more work than CC4. The tabs make sense for all the new features I guess but they can be trimmed down a bit. Keep it to three maybe. Just the extra stuff. Having to switch tabs to go between name, description and price is silly! I'll give you options as a viable tab..... but the general tab should have MOST of the info in it. Just so you know. I did make a custom skin, I did get all my products in, I did setup everything but it still is so far from being what I can use and so hard to maintain I cannot see going forward with CC5. I know you will delete this post but I hope the people in charge get to see if first. PLEASE go back to your roots before it's too late. Think of CC5 as your Vista and look for the Windows 7 solution! Easier is better! You were so focused on trying to make it look like Magento that you didn't seem to notice Magento sucks! I will poke my head back in when CC6 comes out to see if it's fixed. Lets hope that is soon! Good luck
  12. I'm in the same boat. I'm trying to upgrade and having a ton of trouble. I am not liking CC5 AT ALL!!! It's just so much harder to use! Clearly it was just not designed with big stores in mind. I think it's the "Windows Vista" for Cubecart. Nice idea, bad execution. Can't wait for CubeCart 6. Back to CC4 style admin architecture please.
  13. Boy, when you say end of life you really mean it. Seems pretty harsh to me. Not very nice to treat all us loyal Cubers like this. Conform or die, is that the plan? Personally, I cannot get used to how hard everything is on CC5. Just adding a product is now a multi step process and takes 3 times longer. Plus, If you forget to hit save at any point you get to start all over. Personally I cry a bit every time I have to use it compared to CC4. I know it's "better" but not for the user who has to live with all the stupid tabs. When you have 9,000 products that's a lot of extra steps! I'll just go sit and cry in the corner now Bill
  14. With it being official that CubeCart 4 is now at the end of it's supported life I was wondering if it is going to go completely free or it we are still going to have to buy a license to make it work from here on out? Seems a logical question, right? If there is a free version of CC5 out there then paying for a license for the CC4 seems silly. Please tell me the admin back end will open up.... please? The reason I ask is... I am getting ready to launch a new store and I have been trying to get CC5 to function as I want but it's just such a steep learning curve to rewrite the code for it I'm about at my whits end. It will take me a good six months or so just to put a few simple mods in but I wanted to get my store up right away and CC4 is fine for now with what I'm doing. Thanks Bill
  15. I sell apparel so I'm screwed. It requires that every color and size option be listed as well as stock status. The export function in 4.4.5 does not support either of those requirements. Any idea if that is coming soon?
  16. They overwrote the entry in the database. The file you are talking about is the default file. Once you change the Home Page Welcome Message it is stored in the database under CutebCart_lang I also found the getlogo.php file had been hacked in the image folder. My host is of little help so far. Bill Cooke
  17. I just wanted to post info on this attack. My homepage got hacked in the past two hours. They posted about 2000 lines of code in the en/home.inc.php table in my database. That's the welcome message. It was not a virus, just a snoop collecting data. There is no sign of who did it. The logs show nothing. I am conacting my host now to see if here is anything else I haven't found yet or any trace of how they got in. Passwords and user are getting changed too. I ahve the latest version of CC4 and I'm on Hostgater and have all security possible enabled. This was not an FTP or cPanel crack. They would show a trace of someone being in there. This was clean, more like an exploit or something. Just wanted to see if anyone else had gotten hit like this? I'll post the host info when I get it Lets hope it was just a freak thing, right? Bill Cooke
  18. I would love to find a fix for this too. It should only ever show tax for people in my state but it shows tax for everyone until they login. It's very confusing for customers.
  19. While that is very troubling indeed it does not seem to be entirely related to the hacks. I have another site that was running 3.0.18 that was hacked several times before it was upgraded to 3.0.20. It did not have the base64 injection hack in those files. I downloaded 3.0.20 on sept 6, 2010 and it has the corrupted files in it.
  20. I hope there is a speedy resolution to this issue now that the cause has been found. Thanks for all your help Zomnut I am very put off by the lack of consideration the so called experts gave to this issue. Not very professional in my opinion. I have come to expect better from this group. Well as nobody else has seen what this "cause of the exploit" is it is extremely difficult to anyone else to comment. Even if it is an exploit in CubeCart then it isnt necessarily the same reason that other people are having this problem. ANY website (not just CubeCart) can be open to this type of problem, so lets just wait and see what Al has to say tomorrow. Still strange that of the tens if not hundreds of thousands of CubeCart 3 sites that are out there, there have been relatively few affected ! Also, apart from Al who owns CubeCart, everyone else on these forums offers their help and advice completely free and in their own time and without charge. To say that people have been unprofessional and that they have given a lack of consideration to this problem is rude and insulting ! The alternative to getting free support on these forums from professionals and other experienced end users, is for you to pay for CubeCart support either directly from CubeCart themselves or from one of the other companies that offer this service. Ian Ian, Please reread the post I made and then a few of your own and tell me I was wrong in any way. I know 99.9999% of the users are unpaid. We all know that. Cubecart is the one place anyone can go and ask for help and the 'cool kids' don't beat you up for it. At least it used to be....
  21. I downloaded my copy of CC3.0.20 back in September and it has the file. This has been going on for a while I guess..... It is not in the download package of 3.0.18 I had and one of my stores that did get hacked was using that. That site does not have the T.php file on it and never has but has been hacked a lot.
  22. I hope there is a speedy resolution to this issue now that the cause has been found. Thanks for all your help Zomnut I am very put off by the lack of consideration the so called experts gave to this issue. Not very professional in my opinion. I have come to expect better from this group.
  23. It's not that predictable. I went 4 days this week without a hack and then got hit 3 times yesterday.... They found a way around all the measures used to stop it and got back in I guess. Does anyone know where the kids get their info on hacking? Might help us figure out how they are doing it. I did notice that files I had deleted were restored. The dates/times all matched the other files. Almost like the host did a backup or something. Might explain why it's coming back so often
  24. I bet you have a bot on your system tats gleaming your ftp passwords and usernames. change them from a different machine and you will find they cant get access - which means chnaging your usernames and hunting down the virus. and not storing your usernames and p/ws for FTprograms on your machine til you have found it. I have looked at my logs and can't find any FTP access to my site when it got hacked. I changed my password (from another machine) and still got hacked again. The only FTP access to my site came from my IP and I have kept track if when I log in and it's all right there with nothing else going on. It's just not adding up.
  25. I uploaded all clean files and I was still showing the site was corrupted. I then logged in the admin side and had 6 new bogus customers signed up. I deleted them and now it's not corrupted anymore. That's strange....... Not sure it's related but I have been seeing a lot of bogus customers this past week or so.
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