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  1. I have done everything suggested and just got hacked again. It was not the jslibrary file this time. Not sure which file. Anyone know what they go after next? AVG said this one was a blackhole exploit if that helps I have logs but what am I looking for? I had not idea this site got this much traffic to be honest. Just todays is serveral thousand lines long...
  2. Al, to answer your questions I have three brand new stores all on Hostgator that uses suPHP. They were all 3.0.20 stores from the start (no previous version exsisted on this or any server). All were hacked repeatedly. I changed the chmod of jslibrary.js to 444 after about the 4th day and have not been hacked since. That is the only thing stopping them at this point. What is to stop them from hitting any other file? I have reuploaded the rte folder on all sites as well but since I was already a 3.0.20 store that would have been the files I had when the hack took place. That fix is suspect at best.
  3. I just launched this store a few months ago with a clean version of CC 3.0.20 and it got hacked. There was no previous version on the server. I was able to chmod the jslibrary.js file to 444 and there have been no new hacks today but I guess they will just hit another file when they find this one locked.
  4. My site has been hacked 4 times now. If I re upload all files it fixes it. Now how is that a host problem? I'm on Hostgator too. They run in suPHP on all shared servers so we can stop worring about this being a host problem. I know CC3 is no longer going to be supported but this is serrous and needs attention immediately. Please help!
  5. Doesn't anyone know how to do this? I really need some help figuring this out Bill
  6. I would also love this mod. I have about 37 categories and many are subs. I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure this out for a while now but I'm just not that smart. Can some of the smart people in the room please take a look at this and see what you think? It will require a new box called "sub categories" or something, I know that much. Then it must only display when a person is looking under that parent category. Anybody???? Bill
  7. I am moving my store to a new host and I'm trying to work on the database on the new server but can't because it is not under my license until I change the DNS info over. I need to make changes now to get it all working before I do that. I have already setup 'allow remote MySQL' on the new server. I changed the global.inc.php file with the new info but I get an error that does not accept the password of the user. I tried the username/passwords of both the new and old database and still nothing. It's finding the server but not letting me in here is my globals file. The names have been changed obviously $glob['adminFile'] = 'admin.php'; $glob['adminFolder'] = 'admin'; $glob['dbdatabase'] = 'user_DBname'; $glob['dbhost'] = 'newhostserver.com'; $glob['dbpassword'] = 'password'; $glob['dbprefix'] = ''; $glob['dbusername'] = 'newhost_username'; $glob['encoder'] = 'ioncube'; $glob['installed'] = '1'; $glob['license_key'] = 'license_key'; $glob['rootRel'] = '/backup/'; $glob['storeURL'] = 'http://www.mydomainname.com/backup'; Any tips on how to do this? Thanks Bill
  8. Let me ask this another way then. As far as anyone knows, why would my host suspend my site for using too many resources and I'm only seeing about 2k pages views a day. Is there a trick to knock down the server resource and memory usage? Yes, the site is running in cache mode. The home page only has one 'non skin' mod on it and that is it shows 8 random items from the 'sale items' instead of latest products. I made a tweek in the DB that includes a 'salecat' field and a tick box in 'edit products' that lets me toggle this on and off. Could taht be it? It's been up for almost 2 years like that. Why now? Any help would be much appreciated. My host is playing hardball with me. Bill Cooke
  9. I have a site on Lunarpages running cubecart4 and about 1,000 products. I get about 2k hits a day from around 300 unique visitors. Lunarpages just suspended my site for useing too many resources on a shared server. I know this is BS, you know this is BS. They are trying extort money from me is all it is. My question is.... who has the best hosting that won't pull this junk? It's a lingerie store so it has to be adult freindly. I have another website on inMotion and WISH they would take this one too. I love those guys! TIA Bill Cooke PS, just so I'm clear Lunarpages is horrible and no one should ever use them.
  10. I checked with my host and they have a new version and updated php.ini info that got this working. Now I get a 500 error, Premature end of script headers: /home/username/public_html/index.php Any idea where to look for this problem? I cleared cookies, checked on another computer, cleared those cookies and still will not work. I double checked the files, they are all correct. Is it the shared database messing it up? Bill
  11. There is no ion file. It does not exist on the working store either. It's using Zend Optimizer. I thought it was either/or. Edit: It specifies ioncube in the globals.ini.php file but does so in the old directory as well. Nothing has changed between the two. All files are the same except the globals file.
  12. I'm trying to move my V4 store from subdirectory 'mysite.com/cart/' to the root 'mysite.com/' but I can't get it working. Here is the error message I'm getting. Everything is fine with the old location. I'm using Zend BTW. The globals file is all changed. Checked the php.ini file. Nothing shows the old sub. Site error: the file /home/cuten2/public_html/index_enc_ion.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_lin_5.2.so to be installed by the site administrator. [b]PHP.INI file contents[/b] register_globals = off session.use_only_cookies = 1 session.use_trans_sid = 0 [Zend] zend_optimizer.optimization_level=14 zend_extension_manager.optimizer=/usr/local/Zend/lib/Optimizer-2.5.7 zend_extension_manager.optimizer_ts=/usr/local/Zend/lib/Optimizer_TS-2.5.7 zend_extension=/usr/local/Zend/lib/ZendExtensionManager.so zend_extension_ts=/usr/local/Zend/lib/ZendExtensionManager_TS.so I need to leave the old store up for now and slowly transition to the new store. They share the same DB. Is this not allowed or is this easy and I'm just missing it? I know a lot about CC (been using since 2001) and php so it's not a 'newbie' thing. Please help..... Bill
  13. Don't report the issue to support. Ask how I know..... something about shooting the messenger Is there a fix for this yet? I hate not logging in securely. Not that it matters, I don't see a bug fix for the secure cookie issue that leaves our stores wide open to attack. Maybe someday.....
  14. I was able to get logged in after doing all the above BUT, I can't login securely anymore. The https login does not work still. Any ideas? Bill
  15. Manually reset the password? How? I have tried everything and it won't let me log in. I did the "reset password' thing from the admin login page and it still won't let me in. I have orders to get out and need back in fast! How can you reset it in the DB, or can you? Bill
  16. I'm having the same problem but this fix did not work for me. I also have the problem of different sized images for each category. What am I missing? Is there a way to put the sub categories in a table so size doesn't mater? I also have this problem on my index page with latest product images if I use more than 4. Any ideas? I'm new to CC3 so be gentle with me please. http://www.cutenkinky.com/cart2/index.php?...Cat&catId=4 BC
  17. Thanks for all the replies! Robsta, that is a great site! Very talented and it shows. The reason I was looking at Xoops was they are working on a automated email system that lets people sign up for a [email protected] email. My site will be www.moparforever.com and I already have had a million requests for a @moparforever.com email. I have a standalone email script that I can "Bolt-on" to whatever I use. It's just nice to have integration. Cubecart, the photo gallery and SMF are the big ones for me. Those all have to share a user list. I'll start playing with all the programs mentioned and see what works best. Any others to look at? Thanks for all your help Bill Cooke
  18. I'm starting a new site and want to use a CMS as the backbone. I know I want to use Cubecart with it but what program is best for this? XOOPS is one I've looked at and obviously PHPNuke and CPGNuke. Any good ones that work with SMF, Coppermine and Cubecart? My PHP and MySQL skills are in the "lucky novice" stage. I'm lucky if I don't mess it all up! Thanks in advance BC
  19. I'm thinking about setting up an account with authorize.net for my store and using the gateway to link to it. Anyone have any experience with this? Is authorize.net any good? I've had BAD merchant accounts before so.... I'd like to avoid that if possible. Also, how well does the gateway work for this? Any tricks or tips? Also, what rates do you have? I'm seeing a big swing from free setup and $30/month plus $.29 per to $150 setup, $15/month and $.10 per. Who did you go through? One other big thing. I don't have a secure server on my site right now. Will I need it? I guess I should just do it anyways to make customers feel better but will I NEED it to use authorize.net? Thanks Bill Cooke
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