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  1. nevermind. I figured it out. Of course it was all me.
  2. I have an issue that seems to be confusing me. When one chooses a currency other than the sites main currency is the selected currency suppose to display site wide as one travels page to page? If I am on the homepage select a differnt currency and then go to catagory A, should not the currecy still show in the selected currency value? Or does one need to select the new currency each time they change pages? I just updated to 5.1.0 and have recevied a couple complaints of needing to select the disired curency each page.
  3. Thanks for the info on this.. The fix in the link ya posted did fix the admn link to langs. as all show there now. But this did not fix the product lang issue. The products that were on the site before the upgrade still change over to the other lang. but i cant even change the wording on the old products either. When I hit "add new" and type out the new lang for a product then save. it saves it on the back end but still does not change it on the front. its still only showing the english version and not the new lang. Did try clearing both the site cache and my browser cache but still only english even after switching to the other lang. I wanna add that the differnt langs change on the homepage just not with the products. Hope I am clear
  4. I updated my V4 to 4.4.7 a few weeks ago and am now trying to add new products. But it does not seem to accept my new lang. other than english. And in my admin panel when I click languages it's blank showing only: Edit Language Files Current Location: / Anyone have ideas?
  5. I seem to be having the same issue. Is there a solution?
  6. Is there a direct link that can be used so that I can get all the pages in all the languages available for the search engine to index?
  7. I need a way to accpet cod payments. Is there a way to do this?
  8. I have the cubecart running but when I test it and run through all the steps and get to the point where i should get sent back to the confirmed.php page on my site I get a error here is what it looks like: I worte to 2checkout and they tell me: "Reply: It seems as if this might be a message from your 3rd party shopping cart." So that brings me here to try and find out why I get this error and not sent back to confirmed.php on my site... Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance
  9. OK.. So I 've been checking out the ups mod with test orders. I have noticed that when I compare the shiping costs with that of the shipping costs on the UPS website that the shipping costs in the CC UPS mod is lower then that on the UPS website with a difference of between $7 - $20. the CC UPS mod is always lower then the shipping costs quote on the UPS website. I know that the UPS mod just gets the info from: http://www.ups.com/using/services/rave/qcostcgi.cgi But it seems confusing to me. Is this normal or have I set up the mod wrong? Or am I the only one that is having this problem? And of course is there some way to fix it?
  10. How is Quick Assign under product options suppose to work? I have my products and all the options entered. When I look at Quick Assign I see 2 boxes and when I click the first box the list of my products come up but in the 2nd box it just shows n/a and when i click the box to open the other options there still is only n/a I dont think its suppose to do that, is it? Or how is it to work?
  11. Ok so I am getting a little closer to having my site completed and i had a couple people ask me about a affiliate program from my site. Now I am WAY new at this website thing and read a few books and websites about having a website and said "ok lets do it" anyway, I have looked around a little (hotscripts, script search, etc) and I found a few scripts but most all seem to be for *nix servers. anyone know of a good one for a windows server? I would like it to be able to track sales not just click throughs from banners. and if there was a way to do like some of them porn sites do and offer like a webservice plug in that would be great! I do not have perl on my server but I guess I could install it for a good script. well if someone knows of one please let me know as I am getting a headache going throgh all the script sites..
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