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  1. don`t get me started on the search function.... We still have a CC2 cart that uses a "partial word search" which works a treat. What a pity it was discarded in later versions. I would argue that partial word search or even a suggestive search should at least be available as an advanced search function - or better still the default. Partial word search is self regulating, meaning the more information you enter, the more accurate the result. Predictive search is what google uses so well. Many of us would use it every day without even thinking how helpful it actually is. When we migrated to CC5 i was very disappointed to discover the search function was so strict. Hyphens and slashes and spaces cause it no end of problems. Suddenly, we had to type in entire lengthy part numbers to get any result at all rather than type just a first few letters or digits - Tedious and frustrating. Better to get 10 results with partial word search and pick out the one you want than to get zero results. I looked at the suggestive search mod for CC5 but couldn`t work out how to incorporate it . I think it would be a giant leap if suggestive search and / or partial word search were added to CubeCart 5 as standard or at least as an advanced search function.
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