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  1. It appears this may have been a curl issue and has now been resolved. I have no other details except the following from our hosts who kindly did a fix. "reloaded/recompiled the curl interpreter " the issue was a known bug from the following link http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=ports/180942
  2. so.... the plushmemories.com site is a cubecart store? Is installing this wordpress plugin into cubecart difficult?
  3. When i activate reCaptcha it it is two words like normal. The problem is that it will not allow the customer through even when the the correct words are typed in. It acts like a brick wall so i had to turn it off. Can it be a security setting with my host? I have re-Captcha working on another site ok.
  4. Is anyone able to help with this issue, i am getting swamped now with spam customer registrations because my reCaptcha stopped working so I had to disable it. Should i be looking at the cart or could it be a server issue? When re-Captcha form is filled in and the "Send messages" button is pressed, It hangs for a few moments and then refreshes the page and throws that error... The following errors were detected: The verification code was incorrect. Please try again.
  5. I just enabled reCaptcha and did a few tests. The first time it displayed a number and photo - but still didn`t work. then after every refresh it displayed two random words - no photos. -
  6. trouble is, i am going to lose customers if i switch it on again, so not sure how to go about this.
  7. Thanks bsmither, that solved the contact us form issue and is back to normal. thank you so much! genius. Would love to see if i can get the re-Captcha going now if possible. I am getting so many robot registrations it is not funny. When re-Captcha form is filled in and the "Send messages" button is pressed, It hangs for a few moments and then refreshes the page and throws that error... The following errors were detected: The verification code was incorrect. Please try again. Interestingly, after i have tried a few times, i disable re-Captcha in admin and then immediately if i go to the store front, the messages are sent successfully.
  8. Thanks guys, I pasted some html contact form code directly into the content box. I immediately realised that was a mistake because it is for extra info.only. I can delete the text out of the content box but the save button is unresponsive so it wont update. I don`t remember the recaptcha showing like it is now in admin on the page. Tthe second issue, was what forced me to look at reCaptcha in the first place. It wouldn`t allow customers past it in shop front, both on the contact us page and also during checkout. There were zero sales during that time so I had to disable reCaptcha to get it working again. I asked our hosts if anything had changed and they indicated that they had installed a "mod-security update which may have blocked your site." But they told us they "created an exception to eliminate that ruleset from your site." the reCaptcha is still broken thouhgh.
  9. I have recent a backup of the store, so if someone can suggest which file contains the "Contact Us" I could possible overwrite with the backup file?
  10. Hope someone can advise how to fix this. I noticed a few months ago suddenly my reCaptcha developed an issue. kept on coming up with the following error and would not let my customers pass. : The following errors were detected: The verification code was incorrect. Please try again. I couldn`t sort it out so i disabled reCaptcha in admin. I then got a large increase in those annoying robot registrations. I thought i would try fresh known working code for my "Contact form" and just pasted it in. That was a mistake! It has now doubled up this form on the font end of the website and has also added the reCaptcha in admin as well as you can see in the pics attached. and it won`t let me reverse this now. even when i delete the code and try to use the save button , it does nothing. I have no working contact form now. any clues? thanks everybody for reading.
  11. yes sorry, I keep using the word "Askimet" as a generic term for this . yes it is reCAPTCHA as you say. .
  12. A customer rang to let me know he couldn`t get past the re-captcha. I just tested it and sure enough it keeps throwing the error message "The verification code was incorrect. Please try again." probably explains why i haven`t had any orders since 08/08/13. I haven`t touched the cart on the back end at all. I have to switch it off any suggestions? Thanks
  13. Ok, the problem was here. Cleared cookies and cache in firefox and it has solved it. Many thanks for assisting.
  14. Thanks for doing that. I thought it may have been just my PC, but I have had a report from a customer not being able to add to basket as well.
  15. I have just realised that Add to basket is not working in Firefox, but works with Explorer. Is this a known issue with Firefox, and is there a fix possibly? Thanks
  16. yes the "Number of sale items to display" is blank. Thats probably it then . i will give that field a value and try again. Thanks for that.
  17. setting a sale price i get hundreds of system errors: - all the same error logged a few minutes apart. and a similar thing happens when i enable Global percentage discount, so i have switch them off. Is there just a setting i have wrong? File: [gui.class.php] Line: [1025] "SELECT `product_id`,`description`,`name`, `price`-`sale_price` AS `saving` FROM `cc5CubeCart_inventory` WHERE `price` > `sale_price` AND `sale_price` > 0 AND `status` = '1' LIMIT " - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 Thanks
  18. Thank you Milos for fixing this problem so quickly after submitting a ticket. Used a recent sql file to re-populate most of the lost inventory for me. great job.!
  19. Thanks for that advice . I will submit a ticket and see if CC staff can do the same for us.
  20. Thanks for the replies, When logged in as the customer, the inventory is missing there as well. I have trawled back through and the inventory has dissappeared on all customer orders prior to the 16th August 2012. Over 7000 orders ! We had done a single click upgrade on the 18th August from 5.1.3 to 5.1.4. So it looks like we may have had a database corruption then when upgraded. I did a backup on the 18th August just prior to this upgrade but i am nervous to restore. not actually sure if this backup has the same error being 5.1.3. i also have a backup from the 8th August prior to upgrading to 5.1.3. Would it be wiser to use that one? If i restore back to then, do i lose customer data since then? If I leave it as is, the only problem i can see is that previous customers won`t be able to see the stock they purchased. Is that right? thanks
  21. I also notice that the inventory of affected previous customers orders has dissappeared too. Does anyone know if there is a known issue from a recent upgrade that has done this existing customers? Or is it a setting i have wrong? new customers seem to go through fine though. thanks
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