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  1. Hi - in the control panel, find the link to Documents (should be the first option in the FileManager section) and try to edit the one which is marked as your homepage. If you've already done this, maybe contact Noodleman who should be able to point you in the right direction.
  2. Looking at the source code for one of your products - <a href="http://www.priorypolishes.co.uk/metal-clock-cleaning-materials/metal-colouring-tourmaline.html" title="Metal Colouring (Tourmaline)"> <img src="" alt="Metal Colouring (Tourmaline)" /> There isn't any information for the product image. Not good enough to sort this out for you! OK, your images for your products should be stored in http://www.priorypolishes.co.uk/images/source Possibly in sub-folders, depending on how you run your site. You can check using your hosting control file manager to see that they're still there at this address. Best I can do Margaret
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