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  1. Upgrade 6.1.14 problem

    Looking at the source code for one of your products - <a href="" title="Metal Colouring (Tourmaline)"> <img src="" alt="Metal Colouring (Tourmaline)" /> There isn't any information for the product image. Not good enough to sort this out for you! OK, your images for your products should be stored in Possibly in sub-folders, depending on how you run your site. You can check using your hosting control file manager to see that they're still there at this address. Best I can do Margaret
  2. Amazon Payments not on checkout

    Amazon has changed its requirements for the script. I "encouraged" the first one to be developed but I'm hoping that someone will come up with a revised - new version to fit amazon's latest interface. Margaret
  3. Thanks to you both - that accomplished it, I think. Much appreciated So, for those who might want to do something similar - the Foundation skin cubecart.default.css file now looks like Best Margaret
  4. Thanks for the start ... there's a lot going on in the Foundation template Margaret
  5. I successfully managed to place a background image for my site (thanks to a previous thread on this!) but now I would like to make the backgrounds on the table(s) containing the document content, the latest products and the product information to show white. is my site. I have struggled to inspect the site using firefox plugin, but, tbh, it's a total mystery to me. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Margaret using v6.0.11
  6. Amazon checkout

    As far as I know there are two issues here - the Amazon system is changing; they now require merchants to sign up with a different email address for their Checkout product. So it is completely different from what existed before. Then, the existing Cubecart plugin (developed by Havensoft - ) doesn't seem to be compatible with the new Amazon checkout .... Unless I'm missing something??? Interested minds would love to know because it did make it easy for people to buy through their Amazon accounts. Margaret