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  1. Thanks - got a wee fright when I got the logon screen
  2. When I view this topic I am asked to log into madjackdiesel.com:2082 requiring username/password - is there a problem with the forum software?
  3. It's actually quite easy to upload files to your cpanel account. However, the fastest way to do it is to upload the zip file into the directory where you want the files. Once the zip file is in the correct place, you highlight it and click "Extract" - and, hey presto, all the files will be extracted. If you get the zip file in the wrong place or if you've extracted the folder/files into the wrong place, you can drag and drop them into the correct place on the navigation pane on the left (if you're using the Filemanager). Hope this helps. Margaret
  4. I have looked and can't find an easy way to delete several products at one time from the products list, rather than going through them individually. Is there a way other than downloading and re-uploading the database - the thought of that scares me a little?? Thanks Margaret
  5. Hi, I just rebuilt my sitemap file and then, checking on the server, the sitemap is saved in a gz format. Extracting this on the server produces sitemap.xml - using cPanel filemanager. Not ideal but better than not having one! M
  6. Hi - in the navigation on the left of your home page, there is a link to online store which goes to http://www.judymedwaybridal.com.au/php/men...=showOnlinePage Instead it should probably go to http://www.judymedwaybridal.com.au/store/ which is where you seem to have your cubecart. Hope that helps. Margaret
  7. Hmm, I've just had a shoal-load of email bounces - and, after reflecting on this for a while, decided to check my cubecart settings. I have now switched on the captcha (Enable Script/Bot Flood Control) and, so far, that seems to have worked. It took me a few minutes to figure out that the shopping cart was the issue and thought I'd add to this thread in case others are having the same issue. M
  8. Hi - I can confirm that I too am having this issue with my shopping cart - many people phoned this winter to complain about the problem. Please cubecart, I love this software - I need a fix ) Many thanks Margaret
  9. I too am having problems with the editor - also when creating an mailing to customers, the editor has problems. Margaret
  10. I would be interested in this when it's finished. Thanks M
  11. I don't know if you got this sorted yet - however, I came across this information on the paypal.com website https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=x...oCenter-outside That gives access to various graphics, I think. I hope this helps. Margaret
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