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  1. Hi Just reviewed and updated one of my customer's stores to find that the content in all description tabs is missing. Also if adding a new product the window to add content is missing, the same issue with the documents page when editing or adding a document. eg wanted to update the copyright details tab as well and that window is missing! This seems to be a code error but I am no expert. Any ideas where this issue would be and how to fix it?

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      Sorry, dont understand why you are posting these messages against our profile rather than on the forums - what is the connection or problem please that is specifically for us ?

      If you are interested in having your store hosted and supported by us, then of course very happy to have a chat with you about moving your site over to one of our fully managed CubeCart servers and taking care of the whole technical side of things for you



  2. Have spent some more time on this. 1and1 cant advise further as they dont support CC. Summary of where I am now. The zend optimizer is shown to be installed when I run phpinfo which is inside the "store" folder where CC files are located. I have also installed the 5.2 version of Zend Optimizer ".so" file inside the store folder as well as the php.ini.php file which has the path to the zend optimezer inside the store folder. This path is also confirmed by php info. (this is the same set up I used sucessfully on my other shared server - the path in php.ini is of course different for each server) The main issue is therfore that the CC set up insists Zend Optimizer is not installed when it is? It also crashes with the 500 server error as stated before. Is anyone from CC aware of any issue with CC v5 running on a managed server (1&1 Server 2012 L 4 Core i Managed) as oposed to a virtual pro shared server with 1and1 where I have been able to install CC5 from the same downloaded file set. The only change was again I had to change includes/global.inc.php, change $glob['encoder'] = 'ioncube'; to $glob['encoder'] = 'zend'; to get it to install without any errors. This is proving to be a pain????? Anyone have a solution please?
  3. I managed to install on my other server using similar set up and changing global.inc.php to zend on 9. Having tried again on the problem server even though phpinfo shows zend is installed the setup script insists its not? Setup does not complete. Tried with a fresh download of CC v5. So not sure. The only difference between the 2 installs is that the problem server has a Joomla site as the domain and the "store" folder is installed within the folder structure of that domain. I would not have thought that should cause the problems? Still need to contact 1and1,
  4. I do have the variables as shown with others. I will contact 1and1 internet support tomorrow to see if they can advise. They did say however they cant advise on Cubecart itself. The install has not suceeded on this server at all. I have CC v4 on another server which is a shared server where I have not got access to server settings I can change. I tried switcjing of CGI/FastCGI but it had no effect on the errors nor the setup still saying zend is not installed? These are the default setting on the problem server. WebDav : active FastCGI : inactive SSL support : active Perl as Apache module : CGI-Programm PHP module : CGI-Programm Memory usage : 131072 kB Process timeout : 60 seconds Maximum simultaneous processes : 100 Will update if I get any advice from 1and1.
  5. Thanks. Yes I am using CC 5.1.4 downloaded today, So still get Either Ioncube Loader or Zend Optimizer is required to use CubeCart 5. This can be configured after setup is complete. at start of setup. Get Site error: the file /homepages/30/d242004205/htdocs/homepages/themixbromleycouk2009/store/index_enc_ion.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_lin_5.2.so to be installed by the site administrator. at http://www.themixbromley.co.uk/store/ As the install is not complete then the storefront wont show will it? The mysql db is inpopulated due to set up not completeing? However global.inc.php has the db info in it?
  6. did that had missed the closing ; now have Site error: the file /homepages/30/d242004205/htdocs/homepages/themixbromleycouk2009/store/index_enc_ion.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_lin_5.2.so to be installed by the site administrator I dont know why ionCube is still being referenced when Zend is installed? Also tried set up again still shows Zend not installed and after entering db info get the HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. I'm thinking the CC install may be corrupt?
  7. Hi Thanks did that now get Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /homepages/30/d242004205/htdocs/homepages/themixbromleycouk2009/store/includes/global.inc.php on line 10 at http://www.themixbromley.co.uk/store/ Still have zend not installed when at http://www.themixbromley.co.uk/store/setup/ The following errors were detected: Either Ioncube Loader or Zend Optimizer is required to use CubeCart 5. This can be configured after setup is complete.
  8. Hi having the same issue. zend optimizer installed but not detected Have had the optimizer installed by 1and1 internet support and the path they input in the php.ini file at the server root is zend_optimizer.optimization_level=15 zend_extension=/kunden/homepages/30/d242004205/htdocs/Zend2/ZendOptimizer-3.3.9-linux-glibc23-i386/data/5_2_x_comp/ZendOptimizer.so this is correct and phpinfo says the optimiser is installed.(see attached) The php.ini file in the folder where CC v5 is extracted (store) has zend_optimizer.optimization_level=15 zend_extension=/kunden/homepages/30/d242004205/htdocs/Zend2/ZendOptimizer-3.3.9-linux-glibc23-i386/data/5_2_x_comp/ZendOptimizer.so allow_fopen_url=off #disable_functions = show_source, system, shell_exec, passthru, exec, phpinfo, popen, proc_open memory_limit=16M safe_mode = 0 register_globals = 0       The set up gives the warning Either Ioncube Loader or Zend Optimizer is required to use CubeCart 5. This can be configured after setup is complete. allows me to enter database info etc but when clicking continue after that info I get a blank screen and a server 500 error in the page tab? If I try to goto the store folder which should have the front end I get this error Site error: the file /homepages/30/d242004205/htdocs/homepages/themixbromleycouk2009/store/index_enc_ion.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_lin_5.2.so to be installed by the site administrator. I don't know what to do now as nothing seems to work. I have installed CC v4 with Zend Optimser on another server without any similar issues, but that server has no more sql db's available. Hope someone can advise. Thanks Peter I have attached the phpinfo read out. phpinfo().htm
  9. I have a V4 install all working fine on my server. I have a new customer who I intend to put on the same server but in a different folder for its specific domain and store2. Question is can I use the same ZendOptimizer.so file I have installed for store 1 by downloading to desktop then uploading to the store 2 folder set up?
  10. Hi, Can anyone confirm if stock should get deducted from available stock as soon as it is selected by a customer or does this only happen once the order has been processed by the intervention at the back end admin. My customer believes that any item selected from stock should reduce available stock as soon as a customer selects it, even though the order is in a pending status, either awaiting payment or dispatch? Please advise. I have done a test order and found that the stock is not reduced right up to the time the order is awaiting payment by Paypal. I am uncertain if my c;ients store is not working as it should/ Please advise. PS I have carried out a Rebuild & Recount via admin as I thought this might be an issue?
  11. I dont know why but I checked the admin.php in the store root and found that the new file from a zip download I did was a different size to the tar admin.php? When I uploaded the zip version I can now get into admin okay. It seems the tar download has an error in it?
  12. Just upgraded usinga tar upgrade did the setup upgrade and told sucessfull, but when I goto admin foledr I get a blank screen no login help? see http://www.suesbeads.com/store/admin.php I do have a full back up but cant see what the problem is if the upgrade setup says it was okay why is it not?
  13. Using V 4.3.3 I had this problem of not being able to login as a customer or add items to basket as a guest. Found that the problem was due to my customer having more than one domain. The store is configured to a dot com domain includes/global.inc.php has $glob['storeURL'] = 'http://www.suesbeads.com/store'; but the link I had from her site home page (not the store homepage)went to her dot co.uk eg 'http://www.suesbeads.co.uk/store' The 2 domains are redirected to one root folder on my server. The problem was caused by this incorrect URL although the store homepage loads in the browser. Having corrected the link to the dot com URL all the problems have gone. Maybe some of the other posts on this subject can be fixed by checking if this senario is the same.
  14. Nobody picked this up with a solution, so having solved it the answer is as follows. (In case anyone else gets the same issue) The upload of the FCKeditor is nested deep within admin folder and my FTP did crash at some point but I MISSED THE MISSING FILES! admin/includes/rte/editor is the path to all the files that did not get upgraded. This caused the error messages and the inability to edit the site offline message. It may have stopped other editable sections working, but I did not do a full check of the admin area; but I guess it would have done. Hope this helps?
  15. I have had this problem too since starting to set up my store but I am now too scared to do too much as everything else is working right enough for customers. I have no idea how I even managed to set cubecart up in the beginning when I read all the technical stuff. I have persevered with the (0) which I don't like but the only way I can get the product count to change is to click on edit for every item. This usually leads to incorrect counts but at least there is a number there. I have the same thing with the category count and don't know how to change that either. Is there an obvious thing I can check or change? I am now getting an error message when I try to do a rebuild category count Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 240 bytes) in /home/kissandc/public_html/classes/db/db.php on line 129 My customer has been stocking her store and we find the exact same issue of showing (0) product count. I have cleared cache and tried Rebuild category product count but it just hangs and does not sort the problem. This has to be a bug? We have version 4.2.3 installed. Please help contacted CC they advised it was a bug which they fixed for me.
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