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  1. Many thanks all. Have been "off Forum" for some months. Have a lot of catching up to do. */*
  2. I have uploaded and installed V3.03. When I enter a new product the amount I enter is not the amount being shown on the store front? eg £15 shows as £10.53 other amounts are also reduced. The sales option is set to NO and also the percentage for sales is set to zero. Can anyone advise what is going on here. I have spent a couple of hours re-entering different products all are showing the wrong amounts. Cheers Peter
  3. Thanks for the code I have added to my site. Peter
  4. Hi great MOD. Got it to work fine. Only thing I seem to have missed is when adding a new product I added the options 1&2 but had to still add to the product using 3. The Add options for the new product did nothing when clicked. eg No popup? Even after adding one or two options to that new product it still wont do anything on that new product. eg if I wanted to add an existing option created before the MOD? Please advsie. Thanks Peter ps I added the new product after installing the MOD.
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