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  1. Even when I change skins I get the same issue.
  2. There is a link in the first line. I can see all the images. That isn't the problem. cubecart is coming back with messed up text at the begin of the subcategories.. go to http://www.putempins.com/order/ select animals and bugs select any subcategory and your see what I mean.
  3. Anybody.. Please any help please. I have never seen this before and had not seen it until I upgraded to the latest version. Please if anyone can help on this. I have about 36 hours of work into this site.
  4. What errors are you getting that is not allowing you to go forward? Dumb question but your system is setup to allow you to run php and is running mysql correct?
  5. I have moved my store to a different location on my server. I updated the global.inc.php file to reflect the new directory. Everything works except went going to subcategories they display like this: Bows Products in: /<a href='/order/index.php?ccUser=&catId=38&act=viewCat' class='txtLocation'>Ladies Accessories</a>/Bows Image Description Price I have never seen this before and I have multiple sites. Note: It shows picture correctly and after I click on the product it is fine in the actual product. It is the above text you can see the problem.. You can view it at http://www.putempins.com/order/index.php?a...at&catId=11 Or you can see the attached image. thanks for any help you can give me. We are suppose to go live within 1 week!
  6. I have moved my store to a different location on my server. I updated the global.inc.php file to reflect the new directory. Everything works except went going to subcategories they display like this: Bows Products in: /<a href='/order/index.php?ccUser=&amp;catId=38&amp;act=viewCat' class='txtLocation'>Ladies Accessories</a>/Bows Image Description Price It shows picture correctly and after I click on the product it is fine in the actual product. It is the above text you can see the problem.. You can view it at http://www.putempins.com/order/ Select Ladies Accessories Select Bows thanks for any help you can give me.
  7. Here is a great one that I need help on. I have just picked up a new client that has 10,000 products to go online. Is there anyway to import these products from a file into cube cart? They have all the products in a spreadsheet and I was hoping that I wouldn't have to manual add them all. Thanks Craig
  8. Ok, I've gone through about every forum I can and can't find the answer. I three options for ssl. I configured it the way it says and it is not working. Here is how it looks. Directories & Folders Root SECURE Public HTML Folder to store: /homepages/3/d163418815/htdocs/cart/e.g. /store/ (Include Trailing Slash) Absolute SECURE URL to store: https://order.higherimages.com e.g. https://secure.domain.com/store (Excluding Trailing Slash) Enable SSL: Yes (Warning: This change takes place immediately after submit. Please ensure your secure Root Directory and Secure URL are correct and working before setting this to Yes) Yes No In all the forums I have seen 4 settings they are talking about. Can anyone tell me what I am missing. When I set this up I get no admin page and it does not work SSL. We validated that the ssl is working. Any ideas? thanks Craig
  9. No one seems to have that option in the Mods section. We would be willing to pay for someone to develop that mod. Craig
  10. My company has formed a partnership with another company and our e-commerse sales are just expanding very very quickly. Two major companys within the US are asking us to provide online sales where we could offer dual pricing based on login. This way if a customer logs in they see a different price than what the other customers see. Does anyone know any way I might be able to implement this methodology using CubeCart. We really like Cube Cart and don't want to go to another product to be able to do this. We would also be willing to look at a mod that might give us the capability. Our current cart: http://www.higherimages.com/order/ We have many others. Thanks Craig
  11. I am having a major problem with shipping no mater what I set up n/a keeps coming back in shipping. I even just set up a rate of 5% for "Percentage of Order Amount" and then enabled it. I turned dissabled all other shipping options and it still doesn't work. This site is live and my customer is upset because this is costing him money. Can anyone tell me what is going on? http://www.soccersourceusa.com This is a big client. Thanks Craig 412-983-1797
  12. I just got notified by my service provider my site was hacked also. They got into images/File directory. Not sure the damage as I won't be able to check it until I get home. This is the first time I have been hacked. I have nother 5 sites with cubecart and will have to check all of them.
  13. I'm a little confused. Does anyone know if RBSLynk can be used with cube cart. From my review of the site they seem to be doing there own thing and we can use them with cubecart. Any assistance would be great help. My client does all his processing (brick and mortor store) through them and wants to use them in the new site I'm building him. thanks Craig
  14. I was able to get rid of the duplicate entries within the categories by managing categories.. I would remove and then add them back in but now an item will say there is ten products in the category but there may only be 2. Notice Autom or Thanksgiving http://www.berniesflowers.com/shop/index.p...viewCat&catId=3 I'm going crazy about now.
  15. There were no imports done to the database. Everything was added one at a time.
  16. I have also found now that some of additional categories the product is in I can not remove them from that category.
  17. I could definately use this mod as well. Especially with my site http://www.soccersourceusa.com because of close out sales on Soccer Shoes. This mod I would purchase.
  18. I am having major problems with my site showing a product upwards of 5 times in the same category. http://www.berniesflowers.com/shop/index.p...iewCat&catId=14 My client is getting really upset because his customers are complaining. How can a fix this quickly. It wouldn't be bad if this was only one product but the problem is in multiple products. Is there anyway to fix this quickly without deleting all the products? Also the categories in some cases will say there are 5 products but only have 2 inside the category. Someone please help me. This is hurting my business.
  19. Is there any plans in the future for adding a backup option in the admin section. One that would download the database and make it so in the event of a major loss of data you could do a re-install and then import all your data from the cubecart admin section. It seems like this would be a great options with as many upgrades / patches that have been coming out.. (required and I understand why). If you loose everything once you have the backup you have a simple way to reinstall all your data.
  20. Thanks that fixed it. I disabled it and now everything is working fine. craig
  21. I need help right away. Since I upgraded everything was working fine until I went to make an order. After it was put in the basket and I logged in when I hit continue I got this error. This is the step I am at. http://www.berniesflowers.com/shop/cart.php?act=step4 This is the error Request XML: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- </Request> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Return XML: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <Error> <Number>80040b19</Number> <Description>XML Syntax Error: Error getting USERID attribute.</Description> <Source>UspsCom::DoAuth</Source> </Error> Please if anyone can help me my customer is down. thanks Craig
  22. I'm going from 3.0 - 3.0.5 I keep getting this error. MySQL Error Occured 1045: Access denied for user: '***************' (Using password: NO) The user is not the same as i see in the golobal.inc.php why isn't it using the the user account and password that are in those files? any help would be fantastic.
  23. I noticed in the upgrade file there is 5 text files. 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 ect. can you just go from 3.0.0 Alph-RGF to 3.0.5 and if you can which upgrade procedure should I follow? Thanks Never mind I figured it out.. long night last night.. Sorry for the waisted post.
  24. When I go into the view product section and select manage cagegories the box does not display all the categories only the ones it orginally was not a part of. I can't assign it to it correct. This would not be a problem except that when you go to display a category even though the product is there and set up it says there are no products. You can see this at http://www.thecustomcowboyshop.com/shop/ All the products show on the listing of products but they still don't show up in the categories.. Also the will show up in the featured product box but the category still shows no products in stock. thanks Craig
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