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  1. Just finished up and went live. Will add some mods in the future but we have gone live. Please let me know any comments. thanks Craig http://www.thecustomcowboyshop.com/shop/ :(
  2. :wacko: I absolutely believe the product will knock the socks off any other product out there. I just had no clue where anything was at on the new product and just trying to make some decisions for my clients. I understand though and will be patient. :)
  3. I understand that a lot of mods may not be affective in 3.0. For that reason I have not added the mods I need to continue on my site. So I have 2 questions? 1. Is there an estimate when 3.0 might be ready for release? 2. Will you be publishing anything soon pertaining to what the new features will be? Craig
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