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  1. I received message form Comm100 that the code is old. Is this not updated in the recent releases? Kind Regards, Marcel *** receieved message *** Dear Marcel, This is to remind you that the Comm100 Live Chat code installed on your website is out of date and you should update it to the new code, which features the following benefits: 1. Faster chat button and website loading, good for both user experience and SEO. 2. Fixed the issue that, on some rare conditions, you might experience slow website loading when our chat server was under maintenance. 3. Removed the links in the chat code, which might cause your website visitors clicking to the Comm100 website by mistake. 4. The newly released feature Embedded Chat Window requires the new code to work. Updating to the new code is easy. Log into your Comm100 account, go to the "Installation" page, get the code for the plan you are currently using (learn more) and replace the code on your webpages with what you have just got; you can then enjoy all the benefits of the new code. If you are using Comm100 Live Chat WordPress or Joomla plugin, please update it to the latest version to enjoy the benefits. If you no longer want to use Comm100 Live Chat, it's recommended to remove the chat code from your web pages. Should you have any questions or need any help, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for all your support! Have a nice day! Comm100 | 100% Communication, 100% Success Tel: 1-778-785-0464 (Global) | 1-877-305-0464 (Toll)
  2. Still no answer received, I placed also on bugtracker it is assigned but no answer :-(
  3. I did understand that it should be possible to set sorting of the products in the categories by default within the adminpanel from this version 5.1.5 of. But I can't find the settings.... can you please explain how to sort my products? Kind Regards, Marcel I use 5.1.5, I just saw below my message it states 5.1.4. I just have to change it.
  4. Al, I tried to upgrade to but get following error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 503088305 bytes) in /home/draaishop/domains/draaiorgelshop.nl/public_html/cc5/admin/sources/maintenance.index.inc.php on line 193
  5. *** THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN RESOLVED JUMP TO FIX *** I upgraded my store from 5.1.1 to 5.1.2 by hand because the automatic upgrade still did not work. I uploaded all files and ran the setup (upgrade). EEVerything seems to work, but I had switched my store to offline before upgrade and now I can't put it online again. When trying to change setting I get a blank page ..... What is going on?
  6. Is it possible to set the sort order of the products in categories in the admin panels. I would like to sort the products by date added (newest first), this has to be predefined by me as shopowner. Not that every custumer has to set the sort order. Hope to hear from you. Kind Regards, Marcel
  7. I can say it looks nice and seems almost working like I expected ..... when this mod is released I can upgrade my store to version 5 finally.....
  8. I am now beta-testing the shipping mod from Estelle.
  9. Not this time, I am still waiting for Estelle's shipping mod till then I am trying other options to make it possible to upgrade my store from version 4 to version 5.
  10. No one helping ........ :blush:
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