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  1. So Smarty will not help me to easily manipulate template files, CSS, etc to easily change the way Cubecart looks ? I take it the version I use does NOT use template (.tpl) files ? So this link is no use to me ? Create custom skins and templates ? So apart from using Firefox and the "Inspect element" there is no easy way to manipulate how things are displayed ? My final question then, is where do I insert "Short description" so that I can use it to be displayed under the cart buy button, which makes it to the right of the picture displayed on the product page ? I presume the .PHP file for this is "content.product.php" ? Kind regards
  2. Thanks for the reply, but you have just really confused me more, lol I think I understand what you said above, but none of what you said has really helped. My problem is, I have a .PHP file, and someone said that if I used Smarty, that means I could change the way things are displayed easier, by only requiring knowledge of HTML and CSS. How do I use Smarty to access a .PHP file in order to change, and view my changes ? I am under the impression that for me to do this, is not easy. Personally I can't see Smarty is any easier than me manually viewing the code in Firefox and making changes to the .CSS and, or the .PHP files ? Or am I missing something ? Regards
  3. Hi there. Thanks for your reply. Took me ages to get Smarty working, (I know, its really easy once I understood the logic!) but I'm having a problem trying to understand the theory of all this. So, to use Smarty, you have to have a PHP file and a Template file (.tpl). So if I wanted to amend the Cubecart file "box.sale_items.php" and how this displays from within the shop, do I define how Smarty works with this file ? Do I need to amend this php file (box.sale_items.php) so that Smarty can read it, and do I have to make a template file for this php file (If needed) for Smarty as well ? I'm sure this is really easy to work with once I can get my head around the principle lol. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi So, when preparing a new category, you have an option to explain what the category contains in the "category description" After you have input some text and save, on viewing, at the bottom of the text entered, a display is automatically inserted at the bottom of the text, showing all the items in the category, on a one per line wide view. You also have an option to change the display of these items to say 4 per line, but a box view for each item rather than a rectangular view (Hope i have managed to explain it properly) Do we have any control over where this is displayed ? For instance can we move this both item views to the top ? or with some code, can we view each item separately anywhere inside the category text ? Eg item 1 of 2 at the top, and item 2 in the middle of the category text ? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi Is it possible to insert images where the "Featured" or "Special Offers" are displayed ? I want to add images like "Free Shipping" or "Sale now on" images ? either static images, or random rotate them in an area, but not a slider. Cheers
  6. Hi I have PayPal express installed. Is there a way for users not to go through the registration process, at checkout, and just to extract the details from their PayPal account ? Or another way to make the ordering and paying process to be quicker, without the need for customer registration ? Thanks Andy
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