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  1. ok, excellent that gives me something to shoot for, my hosting company is kinda useless so i'll see if i can get the php version upgraded but otherwise i'm dead in the water. wow, thankyou so much! my site has been bad for weeks since the upgrade, i managed to find how to switch versions in the hosting package - I went to 8.1 and my store is restored! muchas gracias @bsmither !
  2. hi all, Recent upgrade has broken the store pages to just show a white page - error log shows the issue is with 3936 counts of : classes/cubecart.class.php:2173 - syntax error, unexpected '=' I was hoping i could roll the store back a version to 6.4.10 which worked fine, but i don't see an easy way to do that now. My store is not modded server PHP is version 7.3.33 Any ideas? thanks!
  3. Thanks, after doing as you said, i wasn't sure how to 'run setup UPGRADE' i just went to the old admin url and then i got the warning at the top of the page and was able to click setup, then selected upgrade. It did leave an old admin folder and admin.php in the directory which i manually removed. thanks!
  4. hi all.. My store is still 6.1.0 and i have noticed the last two versions appear, usually i click upgrade and moreorless it works (sometimes some weirdness but i get it resolved). Now my store is still 6.1.0 and i go to the upgrade tab and it tells me i have the most recent version, i can't click to upgrade. I click to Force upgrade (but thats to normalise it to 6.1.0 correct?) so still it sits there... My dashboard no longer shows me that banner than insists i upgrade from having the older version.. any ideas?
  5. Read the pinned document in this forum that is labelled 'most common problems and questions' if you did, you would have found : http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?showtopic=21504&st=0&gopid=103073& enjoy
  6. hi all.. I searched the forums, I couldn't find a mention of this oddity, but i was in phpmyadmin today clearing the old search term statistics when i noticed this search term : 1) //-->"></SCRIPT><script 2) SRC=HTTP://BATALION.CC/HAIL/></SCRIPT> they were individual search terms, but looks like its an exploit of some kind, i then searched google with the batalion reference and came up with a bunch of websites that apparently have the flaw... ? the url itself doesn't appear to contain any script though, so it may have been taken down already.... Just throwing it out there, i tried the code in my recently updated cubecart (3.0.18) and it just rejects it as garbage text (as you'd want it to) so i'm not bothered by it, but is it a known flaw? thanks. Andy
  7. snipped.. UPDATE ****FIXED***** I Found that my problem was related to tax classes I have been emailing with brooky about it, here is my last email that explains what i found, and the solution i came up with : ok, i went and read even more seemingly unrelated posts associated with other shipping modules on the cubecart.com forums, and a pattern started to emerge.... a lot of people started mentioning weights, so for the heck of it i wondered if i added a shipping weight to an item (say, 1kg for example) if it would make any difference... (all my items in my database currently have no weights entered at all, because i don't use that system). ....and guess what, the damn thing works now! After much more investigation, i have found now that the bug is actually related to taxType, a field in the cubecart_inventory table in the database. read on... A few days ago, while experimenting, i went to the Tax module in the cubecart admin panel, and saw that there were no taxes setup, as expected, because i don't use tax at all. When i did a fresh install of 3.0.11 to another store directory i noticed in this part of the panel, the default is a tax rate of (0.00% tax exempt). So i went back to my main webstore panel (that showed no tax classes at all) and set up a tax class called tax exempt, and set its rate at 0%. This must be considered in cubecart as taxType 1 (i'm guessing). When i edited the item and changed its weight to 1kg (as described above), and clicked save, one assumes that because the tax drop-down box now said 'tax exempt' instead of being an empty drop-down box field, it set the items' taxType in the database to 1 instead of using the old value of zero, and hence the item then worked when proceeding to checkout with it, but giving the impression was weight related So all of my items that are in my database right now that say their tax class is 0 (as viewed in phpmyadmin) fail to get any shipping calculation, either because 0 is an invalid number in an arguement to test against, or that 0 does not correspond to any tax class currently setup (if one assumes 'tax exempt' is '1'). So, for the whole time i was adding items into my database without any tax classes set up, they were all getting a zero in that taxType field. Because i don't use taxes, you don't expect that you have to have to set up a tax class called 'tax exempt' in order to tell the cart to process a tax percentage of 0.00% on an item. Maybe in a previous version, the discriminating code in the cart let this slip by and it worked, later versions now fallover on it. Maybe all earlier versions of cubecart do come with a 'tax exempt' class set up as default, and i might have deleted it (cos i am known to fiddle with stuff that isn't broken) Maybe you know, i'm only guessing its not important though heh. I think this is an important bug to fix, and maybe you might want to put a trap in the cart to catch items that try to process that have a taxType that does not match the defined tax classes... from searching the forums, i'm not the only person that has run into this problem. The symptoms i experienced are also the same for other people who seem to use other shipping modules, and like me, are not looking at the tax situation becasue seemingly it has nothing to do with shipping, and quite possibly their problems could somehow be this taxType mismatch... the cure-all would be to add an arguement in the cart that caught the items with taxtype values that do not match any existing tax classes and dump out an error to let the site admin know that they'll have to check the tax types set in their database. The way i sorted out my database was to use PHPMyAdmin and run the following SQL statement : UPDATE CubeCart_inventory SET taxType=1 this then changed every record to taxtype 1, and having already set up a tax class called tax exempt, my store now works!!! hurrah! Andy
  8. unfortunately i am suffering with the same problem and would love to hear from anyone that might know how to solve it... or alternatively, if someone can point me to the files that are involved in the checkout procedure so that i can step throguh them to see why its returning nothing, i would appreciate it! If you wish to see an example of this happening, please visit : http://www.andysarcade.net/store/ I am running Cubecart v3.0.10 thanks in advance... Andy
  9. Can i say a big thanks for this, a small change, but a BIG improvement. I couldn't get the second section of the mod to work however, to exclude the product code, but after testing it, the first section works the best for my products on my site.. YMMV thanks a lot blairnichols! Andrew Welburn www.andysarcade.net
  10. Sweet, that did indeed fix it... Didn't spot that before, thanks! Andy Welburn www.andys-arcade.com
  11. hi all.. just installed 3.0.2 over the top of 3.0.1, i may have had the problem before, but i've not built my site up yet, but i have a prob that ican't find the solution to. My store is set on GBP currency, and when i enter a GBP currency amount when i list an item on the store, for example 30.00, the item gets listed as £15.83. The store seems to be multiplying the amount i enter by 0.53 ... Very odd, any ideas why this might be? Thanks. Andy Welburn www.andys-arcade.com
  12. Well there we go, snowblindness had set in, i was looking for upgrade.php (which didn't exist because i did a fresh install ), forgetting about the install directory... Deleted it now and i'm raring to go.. I did have a whole cubecart 2 store before with 800 items, but my stupid host lost everythgin and had no backups, so time to rebuild with the new version.. thanks. Andy Welburn
  13. I too got this error, and indeed i have Cpanel as my server space software... could this perhaps be added to the install procedure documentation? foxed me for at least a week (ok, so i only tried it repeatedly for a few hours over the course of the week Also, after having fixed that, i was then presented with a 1044 error, 'access denied to user' upon a creat table command.. It also appears in the Cpanel software, that when you assign a database user the flag of 'all' priviledges, it doesn't actually grant any priviledges at all, or very few... so you should mark each tickbox for that user, then click the apply button... now i have the software finally installed and i can get in to the admin panel and start playing around, however when i try access the actual site as a user would, its telling me : WARNING - Your store will not function until the install directory and/or upgrade.php is deleted from the server And i can't for the life of me find where this is, call me thick Andy Welburn
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