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  1. it's a CubeCart v5.2.0 bug and I am sure a fix is coming soon. It's not something they can delay. For those who already upgraded and want a "fix" now. Here it is. Edit file: /classes/cubecart.class.php on line 2414 you'll find: if (isset($_POST['register']) && $_POST['register']==1) { change it to: if (isset($_POST['register']) && $_POST['register']=="Register") { Thanks /Goober
  2. bsmither is right, you can enhance/change any text string in any language. well, he is 99.44% right. The other 0.66% percent where you can't do that, is exactly in this location, the shipping dropdown. This text string comes from the actual name of the shipping method, and derived from the folder name? a bit weird I must admit. So if you really wanted to change this text, you would need to "hard code" it into the the template. Once hard coded, you should only have 1 shipping method enabled. If you're willing to to do that, let me know, i'll post instruction.
  3. Good Lord, you guys really don't get it... I appreciate you all trying to help but all you're doing is muddying up the water. You really need to understand CC v5 code and templates in order to answer this question. Like I said in my original response, $DATA.shipping is not a numeric value, it is a string. It is a formatted string that includes the currency symbol. You cannot do a mathematical compare on a string! The code should be {if ({$DATA.shipping}) == "0.00€" }(A Calcular) {/if}{$DATA.shipping} And because it is already formatted by the time it gets to the template, the above will only work for the active currency. Additional if else statements can be added to account for other currency supported by the shop Thanks /Goober
  4. $DATA.shipping is not numeric, it is a string. Try testing for "0.00€"
  5. PoolPartsOnline, are you the same as poolpartsonline.com? that would be funny, 'cause i am a customer, lol.
  6. the navigation uses element.navigation_tree.php template. if you were to "mess" with the categories, you would do it there.
  7. In this section you see a text box. This text box is an auto-search box and will start returning search results after you have type in 3 characters. Using this feature you can ass a coupon to products only, not categories.
  8. Hi, The one thing you should do is figure out what the error is. Whenever CC v5 goes to a blank page, that means that there is a PHP coding error or code failure. CC5 goes out of its way to hide these errors. To see the error, get a copy of classes/debug.class.php from v5.0.5 and copy it into yout 5.0.7 folder. The files are exactly the same with the exception of one small block of code that allowed for these errors to be seen. This block of code is missing from 5.0.7 file. Edit this file and take the comment blocks out see below and save the file. /* if (isset($_GET['SHOW_ALL'])) { //Remove to see errors ini_set('display_errors', true); } */ Once you've done that, add SHOW_ALL on the query string when you run the export and you will see all of the PHP errors. See what the error is, and fix it. Good luck! /Goober
  9. CC v5 is built with extensibility in mind. There is no need whatsoever to modify core files. All mods, er the new term is Plugins, are written outside of core files and are upgrade proof. These plugins use a CC v5 feature called hooks. Learn them, love them, live them. They rock! Thanks /Goober
  10. When adding new categories, their default status is disabled. Check to see if they are disabled and then enable them if needed. /Goober
  11. Hi, The image and thumbnail sizing as well as quality is controlled via config.xml file found in the root folder of the skin. Thanks /Goober
  12. Try this one http://www.cubecartforums.org/index.php?showtopic=15524
  13. Yep, look over at www.cubecartforums.org, there is a plugin available that may fit your needs. thanks
  14. you can't really randomize from a limited number of products. If you wanted to randomize from the entire catalog than that would be easy. Thats what I would like to happen, i.e. in the Latest products box, I would like it to pick at random any Products from my catalog but chance them at random any time the page is viewed or refreshed. Any ideas on how i can do this? I done it in CC4, but can't figure it out in CC5 try this Edit file: classes/cubecart.class.php Find this line $latestProducts = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_inventory', false, array('status' => '1', 'featured' => '1'), array('date_added' => 'DESC', 'product_id' => 'DESC'), (int)$GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'catalogue_latest_products_count')); change it to this line $latestProducts = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_inventory', false, false, 'RAND()', (int)$GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'catalogue_latest_products_count')); Enjoy /Goober
  15. you can't really randomize from a limited number of products. If you wanted to randomize from the entire catalog than that would be easy.
  16. Find and edit file called "classes/gui.class.php". Inside that file find this line of code Thanks /Goober if (($query = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_inventory', false, array('status' => '1'), 'RAND()', '1')) !== false) { The above is the select statement for the featured product. edit that line to fit your needs. It should look like this to force product_id 3 if (($query = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_inventory', false, array('status' => '1', 'product_id' => '3'), 'RAND()', '1')) !== false) {
  17. Yes you can do that. Setup your products and groups first. then knowing id for both you can upload your excel into cubecart_pricing_group table.
  18. Don't despair. V5 Plugin to enhance group functionality is in the works and will be released shortly. Stay tuned to cubecartforums.org Thanks /Goober How about a surcharge for specific categories or products... not customer based but category based. Example... want to add a surcharge of 2-3% on Gold in a Coin Store for transactions(All transactions are credit card). Haven't tried the options in CC5 yet to see if it will accomplish this... will your mod allow this? Thanks, Shane Sorry, no. But go ahead and post what you need over at cubecartforums.org
  19. Don't despair. V5 Plugin to enhance group functionality is in the works and will be released shortly. Stay tuned to cubecartforums.org Thanks /Goober
  20. Once you add a customer to a group they will get group/discount prices on those products that have been configured for group pricing. Each product will need to have special price configured for each group. It's not an overall % off discount.
  21. Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "they will remain in the hands of cubecartforums.org". I am a member of cubecartforums.org and my mod store is not in the hands of cubecartforums.org. I am not their agent nor do they own, manage or control my mod store in any way. I have been providing custom cubecart based solutions to customers since 2004 and although I am not an "end-to-end" solutions provider my custom programmed solutions enhance thousands of stores. Some via mods, and some via custom work that I've done. while I agree that you shouldn't include every tom, dick or harry as a solutions partner, I strongly disagree that you should dissmiss mod/skin store owner without review. that just wouldn't be fair. One of the very things that made cubecart such a popular and powerful ecommerce solution is it's simplicity and ease of modification and customization. Al, I think you owe a debt of gratitude to all of us modders who made the great success of cubecart possible.
  22. goober999


    you'll need to edit functions.inc.php. find this line $navigation .= "&nbsp;<strong>[".$pageNo."]</strong>&nbsp;";
  23. Hi, Cubecart templates do not support PHP code, they only display the results of PHP scripts. To add functionality, you must edit the php script related to the template you need to modify. For example, edit viewProd.inc.php script to add functionality to viewProd.tpl file. Thanks /Goober
  24. This functionality is available via 3rdparty mods. You can find these and other mods on www.cubecartforums.org Thanks /Alex
  25. That would be a feature that you'll have to code yourself. You can always post a mod request on the 3rdparty site, cubecartforums.org
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