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  1. Nice Mod M8 and thanks for the work. Can this be adapted to 3.02 as well?
  2. roban


    The upgrade from 3.01 went well. I had to redo the Home Page because I lost the original and had to redo a couple of Mods I had made to skins\Killer\styleTemplates\global\index.tpl plus a couple of other items. All in all it was painless. Thanks Brooky. You ROCK! :unsure:
  3. Log on to your admin control panel: http://www.yoursite/admin with the username and password you chose during setup. Go to Modules/shipping and you will see several choices.
  4. I want this too. A reasonable price for a Mod.
  5. roban

    Button text

    skins\yourskin\styleSheets\style.css a.txtButton { font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-weight: bold; color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #0E51A3; padding: 2px; line-height: 20px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none;
  6. Could you please be more specific. Shipping options are controlled in the admin control panel.
  7. You might try searching the forum. These items have been posted.
  8. I had the same problem. Try this first in Admin Control Panel General Settings,scroll down to: set Include tax in prices? to 'No' It makes no sense but I think the switch is reversed. That should enable sales tax. Then Follow this link if you have a shipping problem as well:http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index.php?showtopic=9132 and other links within the post.
  9. That small copyright code is a small enough price to pay for all we are given.
  10. Pay Pal is vulnerable but if you are diligent you will be ok. I had a problem last year where someone tried to take some dollars from my account. I caight it before any damage was done and Pay Pal went the extra mile to secure my account and the transaction. I have used it for several years and that is the first and only problem I have had. It is up to the user to make certain that their account is secure by not giving information out to third parties they do not know. In my case someone who had hacker mentality and, who I knew bythe way, tried to take me for several hundred dollars. I use Pay Pal now and feel as secure as I can feel. I also use GeoTrust on my site to help make customers feel secure.
  11. Hopefully 3.02 will have this also...Booker?
  12. My shipping and tax finally got worked out and as usual it was my fault. Looking forward to 3.02
  13. I wonder if there's any way to refine the search function. For instance if you do a search for calcium on my site you come up with 4 pages and the only product with calcium in its name is last.
  14. Just to add one comment to what vkitty said: Join OSCommerce support site. One day there and you'll come running back to CC.
  15. I understand your frustration because I have been there. The cart works, at least 3.01 does for me. The big problem is shipping and tax but I expect those will get sorted out soon but everything else is working fine. Have you heavily modded your cart? Give us a URL to look at. ;)
  16. That's the way it is set up and has been all along. I use USD as my currency.
  17. Shipping costs and tax are so unreliable in 3.01 that it renders the cart unuseable. It refuses to add the correct shipping cost (I set $4.50 and it charges $4.89) and doesn't add shipping to Pay Pal. I haven't been able to add tax to anything yet. I charge 8.75% sales tax to New York buyers only and have never been able to have the cart add tax. If I want to sell I am going to have to pay for a cart that works. It's that simple. There are a lot of good people trying to make a good product here at Cube Cart but it's too buggy to go prime time IMO. Maybe some day but not today. If I sound frustrated....I am!
  18. It works for me the first way. http://www.vitaminlink.net/cart/index.php?...od&productId=52
  19. Beautiful! I owe you one big one.
  20. Thanks vrakas but the links just ask for a mod. Noone has actually posted one.
  21. Yes that looks like what I want. I don't want the customer to scroll to the bottom of a long product description to see the price.
  22. Is it possible to do away with registering and login and have people shop without having to do this? I know it would cause problems with shipping info, etc but it's a main sticking point with my shop. People don't want to have to go through that to buy so it would mean they would have to fill in shipping info after choosing product. It's probably in here somewhere but I don't have time today to look for it. Any help much appreciated.
  23. I want to move the price and Add to Basket to the top above Product Description. Any thoughts on how to do this? Many thanks.
  24. You're going to have to search for an 'extra fields' mod or ask one of the very knowledgable php'ers to make one for you. I know this has been asked before so you might get lucky.
  25. @convict Thanks for the Mod, it works a treat. Now to figure out what to put in it.
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