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  1. Never mind. I believe I found the answer in a bug post. Nope did not find the answer by editing line 124 of orderforml.php with: $printorderform->assign("VALGRANDTOTAL",priceFormat($result[0]['prod_total'])); This gives me a parse error and I can't go online without this gateway. Pay Pal seems to work but without shipping charges added so what good is it? Any ideas?
  2. I upgraded to 3.01 with no problems except when I checkout the cart does not add shipping cost (Flat Rate) to total. This is what I get. As you can see it gives the shipping cost only as grand total. Also $4.89 is not the cost I entered in Admin. It should be $4.50. Vitaminlink http://www.vitaminlink.net/cart Invoice to Mr Robert Anthony PO Box 232 East Hampton, New York 11937 United States Deliver to Mr Robert Anthony PO Box 232 East Hampton, New York 11937 United States Postal Order for Order of Aug 05 2005, 15:50 PM Order ID: 050805-155023-1860 Product Code Qty Price Healthy Weight Formula HEAT6 1 $24.81 Shipping Method: Flat Rate Subtotal: $24.81 Total Tax: $0.00 Total Shipping: $4.89 Grand Total: $4.89 Pay by cheque Please make cheques payable to Vitaminlink. Pay by Card Card Type: Mastercard Visa Switch Maestro American Express Card No: ________________________ 3 Digit ID: ______ Expiry Date: ____________ Issue Date: ____________ Issue Number: ___ Signature: ________________________ We can only accept payments in US Dollars. Thank you for shopping with us! Postal address: Vitaminlink PO Box 232 East Hampton, NY 11937
  3. Please try to be more specific. Are you saying that after you go to checkout with an item, it's not there?
  4. http://www.fashionflamingo.com/cubecart The files should not be in the original upload folder. You should only upload the files within to your server. Right now your program is looking for http://www.fashionflamingo.com/cubecart/index.php and not http://www.fashionflamingo.com/cubecart/upload/index.php The install folder is still on your server because I can access the install routine by clicking on the above url. Also please CHMOD the appropriate files.
  5. Tell us more. Have you uploaded the contents of the CC folder to your server? Have you deleted the 'install folder' from your server after installing. The store will not work with that folder. Did you CHMOD the appropriate folders and files to 0777?
  6. Just reporting that the installation of 3.01 went flawlessly. Store is offline while I restock from 2.07 but so far I like the html editor very much and the addition of my new graphic header was easy as apple pie and adding categories and products is a pleasure. I am using the Killer theme which is a 'Killer'. Kudos go out to all who contributed to this release.
  7. Hi dogboy, When you try to match colors like you have with blue, it's difficult to not go off the edge. I would find a friend with good color visualization and have them suggest some more compatable matches. To my eye your colors are a bit off-putting. You also have some spelling errors on the main page that should be corrected: Please take your time to browse our site we think it has something for every one.(should be 'everyone') Are (should be 'Our')mission is to provide fashionable products with huge discounts Are (should be 'Our')reasoning behind this is if you get a great price and excellent service you will come back time and time again Our base is in the Grantham area and will deliver free with all purchase over £10 to any NG31 postcode Payment is with Nochex and is secure click here to see there security page. Paypal is also excepted (should be 'accepted')
  8. I would like to thank all those who have worked tirelessly to get out version 3.01. This includes all the feedback from 3.0 that made it possible as well as the efforts of Admins, Mods and Developers. In a world where money is king, Open Source is a breath of fresh air. One of these days I will take the 'bull' by the horns and convert from 2.0.5. Right now the task looks daunting.
  9. How can you sleep at a time like this? :o
  10. I have not had that problem. I had posted a frooglefeeder script on the board not too long ago. http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index....l=frooglefeeder
  11. Nice Martin. "Chuffed" must mean "pink" I hope you're giving out sunglasses. Seriously, I hope you don't take offense as none was intended. I think anyone who gets this release up and running deserves an accollade. I, for one will wait before changing from 2.07.
  12. roban


    You should be able to do as I have done. Add cart images with links to the cart for checkout. You're going to have to do them one by one. I have over 200 products and would not have them all on the index page but you can link back and forth between your cart and html page at will.
  13. Outstanding!! Thanks for the hard work making this possible.
  14. The first question I asked myself when I was deciding which cart to use was "If this is so good why are there so many problems people were having. Why doesn't this work perfectly right out of the box?" But then I started looking at all the rest of the carts out there including the paid ones and none were as configurable as CC. I wanted something HTML because that is what I knew more about and then realized that the code for a cart like CC in HTML would be enormous and totally unmanageable. I didn't want to have to tweak this and that but I have learned more about PHP and SQL than I would have thought possible just by running this cart. As so many have said, the support here is knowledgeable and friendly, unlike others I have been involved with. Is it perfect? Not by a long shot. But it can be integrated with an HTML site and the development goes on and on.
  15. roban


    This is exactly what I've done with new customer login, categories, register, my shopping cart and the rest by creating links.
  16. WOW I like what you've done very much. Good luck with the site. One thing I might want to change: I'm a stickler for spelling and there is one word that should be changed: "All prominent characters appearing herein and the distinctive names and likenesses thereof, are trademarks of there respective owners" should be 'their'
  17. No I haven't but it works a treat in V2. I won't look at V3 until a stable release comes out for a working store.
  18. http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index.php?download=91
  19. I agree about the pink. Lose it for another color that compliments your site colors.
  20. roban

    Froogle Export

    frooglefeed is a txt file. It is created using the following php file. Name it frooglefeeder.php <?php /*************************************************************************** * This file borrows heavily from portions of scripts already in * Cubecart. * * At present it needs to be run from the admin/backup/ folder. I am not * sure why I decided that was good place, but it is what it is. * Eventually, I will integrate so it can be run from the admin console. * * Ok, so once it is uploaded. * Enter http://www.yoursite/admin/backup/frooglefeeder.php into * your browser's address bar. You hopefully will see a message saying * frooglefeed.txt has been created. The file is created in the admin/backup/ folder. * If you refresh or enter the address again it will append to the end * of the file, so each time you want to create a feed you must remove * the .txt before you do it. (Yeah, I'll fix that) * * The file is tab delimited and "should" meet Froogle's requirements. * I would highly recommend opening in Excel and look. There are things that * cause it to skip and get out of sequence. Notably, the use of tags in the * title or description. Below are 2 variables $bad and $ clean. Add anything * to the $bad that is causing it to jump sequence, be sure to also add the replacement * in $clean. At present everything that I took out is replaced with a space, that * worked for me, you may need something different. * * I decided for my needs that if an item was on sale, I wanted that price * used for the froogle feed. Again you may decide differently. * Set $list_sale to "N" if you would rather show standard pricing. * * I appreciate any input good or bad. This is a work in progress. * PM me on the forums grcdude2 or email me directly at * [email protected] ***************************************************************************/ include("../config.php"); include( "../settings.inc.php"); // the good, the bad, and the ugly // $bad is anything that causes it to jump out of sequence // $clean is what you want to replace $bad with // make sure you have the same number of entries in both $bad=array("<br>","\r\n","<i>","</i>","<b>","</b>","<",">"); $clean=array(" "," "," "," "," "," "," "," "); // show sale price in listing Y or N $list_sale="Y"; $filename="frooglefeed.txt"; if (!$handle = fopen($filename, 'a')) { echo "Cannot open file ($filename)"; exit; } $line="product_url\tname\tdescription\timage_url\tcategory\tprice\n"; if (fwrite($handle, $line) === FALSE) { echo "Cannot write to file ($filename)"; exit; } echo"Creating header line...<br>"; $cat_info = mysql_query("select * from ".$prefix."store_inventory")or die(mysql_error()); while($row = mysql_fetch_array($cat_info)) { $product=$row["product"]; $name=$row["title"]; $image=$row["image"]; $desc = $row["description"]; $price=$row["price"]; $sale_price = $row["sale_price"]; $desc=stripslashes($desc); $cat_id = $row["cat_id"]; $desc=str_replace($bad,$clean,$desc); if ($image!="nophoto.jpg") { $image_url=$site_url."/images/".$image; } else { $image_url=""; } if (($sale_price!=="0.00")&&($list_sale!="N")) { $price=$sale_price; } $name=stripslashes($name); $product_url=$site_url."/view_product.php?product=".$product; // start make category url $sql_1 = "select * from ".$prefix."store_category where cat_id = $cat_id"; $result1 = mysql_query ($sql_1); $row = @mysql_fetch_array($result1); $catid_1 = $row["cat_id"]; $catfatherid_1 = $row["cat_father_id"]; $catname_1 = $row["category"]; $t1 = $catname_1; $catid1 = $catid_1; if ($catfatherid_1 <> 0) { $sql_lowercat = "select * from ".$prefix."store_category where cat_id = $catfatherid_1"; $result = mysql_query ($sql_lowercat); $row = @mysql_fetch_array($result); $catid_2 = $row["cat_id"]; $catfatherid_2 = $row["cat_father_id"]; $catname_2 = $row["category"]; $t2 = $catname_2; $catid2 = $catid_2; } if ($catfatherid_2 <> 0) { $sql_lowercat = "select * from ".$prefix."store_category where cat_id = $catfatherid_2"; $result = mysql_query ($sql_lowercat); $row = @mysql_fetch_array($result); $catid_3 = $row["cat_id"]; $catfatherid_3 = $row["cat_father_id"]; $catname_3 = $row["category"]; $t3 = $catname_3; $catid3 = $catid_3; } if ($catfatherid_3 <> 0) { $sql_lowercat = "select * from ".$prefix."store_category where cat_id = $catfatherid_3"; $result = mysql_query ($sql_lowercat); $row = @mysql_fetch_array($result); $catid_4 = $row["cat_id"]; $catfatherid_4 = $row["cat_father_id"]; $catname_4 = $row["category"]; $t4 = $catname_4; $catid4 = $catid_4; } if ($catfatherid_4 <> 0) { $sql_lowercat = "select * from ".$prefix."store_category where cat_id = $catfatherid_4"; $result = mysql_query ($sql_lowercat); $row = @mysql_fetch_array($result); $catid_5 = $row["cat_id"]; $catfatherid_5 = $row["cat_father_id"]; $catname_5 = $row["category"]; $t5 = $catname_5; $catid5 = $catid_5; } if ($catfatherid_5 <> 0) { $sql_lowercat = "select * from ".$prefix."store_category where cat_id = $catfatherid_5"; $result = mysql_query ($sql_lowercat); $row = @mysql_fetch_array($result); $catid_6 = $row["cat_id"]; $catfatherid_6 = $row["cat_father_id"]; $catname_6 = $row["category"]; $t6 = $catname_6; $catid6 = $catid_6; } if ($catfatherid_6 <> 0) { $sql_lowercat = "select * from ".$prefix."store_category where cat_id = $catfatherid_6"; $result = mysql_query ($sql_lowercat); $row = @mysql_fetch_array($result); $catid_7 = $row["cat_id"]; $catfatherid_7 = $row["cat_father_id"]; $catname_7 = $row["category"]; $t7 = $catname_7; $catid7 = $catid_7; } if ($catfatherid_7 <> 0) { $sql_lowercat = "select * from ".$prefix."store_category where cat_id = $catfatherid_7"; $result = mysql_query ($sql_lowercat); $row = @mysql_fetch_array($result); $catid_8 = $row["cat_id"]; $catfatherid_8 = $row["cat_father_id"]; $catname_8 = $row["category"]; $t8 = $catname_8; $catid8 = $catid_8; } if ($catfatherid_8 <> 0) { $sql_lowercat = "select * from ".$prefix."store_category where cat_id = $catfatherid_8"; $result = mysql_query ($sql_lowercat); $row = @mysql_fetch_array($result); $catid_9 = $row["cat_id"]; $catfatherid_9 = $row["cat_father_id"]; $catname_9 = $row["category"]; $t9 = $catname_9; $catid9 = $catid_9; } if ($t1!="") $category=$t1; if ($t2!="") $category=$t2." > ".$t1; if ($t3!="") $category=$t3." > ".$t2." > ".$t1; if ($t4!="") $category=$t4." > ".$t3." > ".$t2." > ".$t1; if ($t5!="") $category=$t5." > ".$t4." > ".$t3." > ".$t2." > ".$t1; if ($t6!="") $category=$t6." > ".$t5." > ".$t4." > ".$t3." > ".$t2." > ".$t1; if ($t7!="") $category=$t7." > ".$t6." > ".$t5." > ".$t4." > ".$t3." > ".$t2." > ".$t1; if ($t8!="") $category=$t8." > ".$t7." > ".$t6." > ".$t5." > ".$t4." > ".$t3." > ".$t2." > ".$t1; if ($t9!="") $category=$t9." > ".$t8." > ".$t7." > ".$t6." > ".$t5." > ".$t4." > ".$t3." > ".$t2." > ".$t1; $t1="";$t2="";$t3="";$t4="";$t5="";$t6="";$t7="";$t8="";$t9=""; // end make category url $line="$product_url\t$name\t$desc\t$image_url\t$category\t$price\n"; if (fwrite($handle, $line) === FALSE) { echo "Cannot write to file ($filename)"; exit; } echo"File frooglefeed.txt updating...<br>"; } echo"File frooglefeed.txt completed. If you do not see any error messages it was a success.<br> <b>Be sure to check the file for errors before submitting.</b><br>"; fclose($handle); ?>
  21. This has been covered many many times. http://www.cubecart.com/site/forums/index....wtopic=5474&hl=
  22. There are several and all covered in the forum. Do a search for Twisted's Tutorial for one.
  23. You're moving right along. Now if you can give your logo a transparent background and an alt="cutom cavases", move the search to the category box and out of the header you'll have come a long way.
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